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Many ways of complimenting the appearance of your Harley-Davidson motorcycle exist.

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Why Black?


Ever wondered why the traditional color of choice for bikes and bikers is black? It’s more than simply “doesn’t show dirt!” Each facet of the color spectrum has special significance and many are parts of tradition; fire engines are typically red, purple is the color of divinity and royalty, pink is certainly girlie, green implies newness and health, yellow has a special vibration that is in harmony with visibility and intelligence and blue is slow and deep. The darkest of all the possibilities for your bike has an air of the mysterious along with the stereotypical notion that bad guys wear black.

An interesting scientific aspect of black is that it absorbs all the colors of the light spectrum, reflecting nothing, but the real value of black lies in how it relates with all the other colors. Any color used to decorate the dark, unmoving surface has a noticeable specific vibrancy. On black the cool colors tend to stay subtle and in the background and the hot colors really get in your face. A good “mixologist” knows how to create the right color relationships with whatever colors are in combination on your paint job.  Many ways of complimenting, with color, the appearance of your Harley-Davidson motorcycle exist and each pinstripe style serves to personalize, add character and distinguish your bike from the others that look “right out of the box.” During the limited time that Letterfly, the pinstripe and mural artist will be at our store, you will have an opportunity to have some custom artwork created that will surely make the statement that you want.

            Letterfly will serve our customers during the first ever “Dude It Up” weekend and you are encouraged to come to the store and watch as Old School designs, flames, pictorials, inscriptions and artwork are created on the spot for you, as a dedication inspired, value added service.


For more information    813 505 5539

Cel:  813.505.5539
Cel 2:  229.395.9967

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Letterfly, Inc.
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