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In Memoriam: David Field, Son of CABF Co-Founder Ruth Field


In Memoriam: David Field, son of CABF Co-Founder Ruth Field

Susan Resko
Susan Resko, M.M.
Executive Director
The board and staff of CABF are deeply saddened to learn of the tragic death of David Field, age 26, son of CABF co-founders Ruth Field and Rob Field. David was killed on July 24, 2011 in a motorcycle accident. He died doing what he loved.

This loss has a profound impact on CABF because if it weren’t for David and his mom Ruth, there would be no CABF. David’s struggle, and the dearth of knowledge and services about mood disorders in children, motivated Ruth to fight; not only for David, but for hundreds of thousands of other children.

Ruth was a stay-at-home mom, and she reinvented herself to launch a national organization to provide education, support and advocacy for children, adolescents and families on July 1, 1999. At that time, no other national advocacy group served the needs of our families.  

The first project was to launch an interactive website at www.bpkids.org. Such a site was pioneering back in the early days of the World Wide Web. She did it not because it was novel, but because it met the needs of parents who desperately needed to educate themselves and connect with other parents in the privacy of their own homes. As a result of her passion for helping others, Ruth went on to earn a Masters in Social Work and her LCSW. After 10 years of service on the CABF board, she currently has a private practice in Highland Park, Illinois.

"CABF exists because Ruth Field, our beloved co-founder, wanted to help her son. She didn't just want to help, she needed to fight for him. And she did. So through CABF, Ruth and David's lives have made countless other families a little less lonely, a little less helpless. When our CABF families have faced tragic circumstances, Ruth's wisdom, compassion, and ideas comforted them and supported them to move forward. Now we are here for Ruth. And we miss David."

-Sheila McDonald, CABF Board President 2006-2009.
"Ruth's love for David and her compassion for all families living with childhood mental illness inspired her founding vision, which has benefitted thousands of CABF families around the globe. Our prayers are with Ruth and her family at this very sad time."

-Jean Davidson Meister, CABF Board President 2009-11
CABF will be forever indebted to the Field family. David’s life has had a profound effect on countless CABF families. May his memory live on through the lives that he touched.

What Do You Do?

paula g
Paula Giovacchini, M.A.
Development Director
Many of you have been in situations where someone will ask “what do you do?” It doesn’t matter if you are in line at the grocery store, at your child’s school or in a business situation. Some of you may respond with: “I am a stay-at-home mom", "a lawyer", "I work at a bank", or "I am in transition" (if you are currently looking for employment). How you answer that question is called your "elevator introduction”, and we all need to have one because at some point we will be asked  “what do you do.” The premise is that we should be able to describe what we do in the time it takes to get from the first to the third floor of a building by elevator.
I am still refining my "elevator introduction", having joined CABF in May. The one I have been using these days is “I work for a non-profit that helps inform and empower families with children and young adults living with mood disorders to be the best advocates for their children.”
That is pretty much what CABF does. We empower you to be the best advocate for your children, and we could not do it without your financial support. Please make a donation today.

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CABF Community

In the midst of all of our daily struggles and challenges, CABF offers a Stories of Hope forum. There is no success that is too small, we all appreciate how meaningful each achievement can be.

Our experiences can offer hope to those who are newly started on the journey towards stability or who have been on this road for a long time and feel discouraged.

Visit our forums today to connect with other parents for support.
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