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The Call of Our Heart
By Harold W. Becker


The Call of Our Heart

Harold W. Becker 2015-06-11 DSCN0465 8x10To know life is to experience it firsthand. This corporeal existence provides the most precious opportunities to create with exquisite power and imagination. The physical world around us provides the means and potential, and through our thoughts and feelings, we are capable of incredible manifestations filled with beauty and perfection that touch the lives of everyone.
Without our conscious involvement however, we often founder in a sea of our own misguided energy. We may think we are living, yet we have forgotten how to navigate our vessels clear of the storms and turbulence. In the wake of destruction, we find ourselves forever rebuilding our forms and setting out again.
Hopefully, we awaken from the perpetual illusion of cause and effect and decide to take charge of our reality. Forging an alliance with our Higher Self, which simply symbolizes our grander wisdom, we combine the forces of inspiration, will power and unconditional love, and master the oceans of energy. We learn to steer clear of agitated waters and keep our sights firm upon our destination. The sun directs our course during the day while we allow the stars to guide us through the nighttime. As commander of our world, we maneuver into placid and calm seas. Our journey comes to a conclusion as we gaze upon the horizon and recognize our true home - the home within our heart.
Individually and collectively, we have been wandering a long time in search of purpose and meaning in life. We move from one experience to another and interact with an infinite variety of forms expecting to feel a deeper connection. Yet, for every experience we have and form we encounter, countless more exist ready for us to explore. Through the pursuit of outer material experience we continue to misplace our attention from the finer existence of life. We make the physical world the sole object of our affection instead of acknowledging our creative power within. In this current moment all we need and require already exists inside us. Imagination and fulfillment are always present through the power of unconditional love and our conscious awareness of it.
The purpose of our lives is to express from the center of our being in every moment and, although the husks of former physical pursuits may lie around us, the wisdom of our Higher Self is always ready to unveil the truth. No matter the circumstance or situation before us, love is the only real answer. It is also the question that each person asks from deep within. Every illusion instantly dissolves when we embrace this unlimited energy of love and put it into service.
In the heart of each of us is the solution to every trouble and difficulty that ever plagued humanity. Think upon this incredible statement. In you and in me, is the power to forever change the way we live upon this planet. The answers to life's most challenging problems already exist right now. Every person has a piece of the puzzle and when put together it spells love.
Our individual path either adds or detracts from the power of love. When we hold our consciousness on love, we fill our experience with this wondrous energy. Without love, we continue a never ending journey of discord and inharmonious expression. The focus of our thoughts and feelings decides the outcome. This is the power of our intent and each of us holds the key to unlock our personal potential and that of the entire world.
When we take action from selfish motivation for example, we draw the energy away from good and place it in the realm of limiting experiences. These forces then keep us hooked into the limitation which controls our existence. We literally recycle through the mental and emotional surges of yesterday's fear and doubt. Every moment we remain in this process keeps us from expressing new ideas and possibilities. When we are consciously looking in the past or future and ignoring the present we are unable to connect with our wisdom. We are lost in the illusion of another time and experience.
Only when we choose to break free and let our heart guide us can we progress and evolve beyond our limited existence. This requires strength, courage, and persistence. We need to be willing to face our creations of the past and release them through forgiveness. When we do it for ourselves, we automatically add this resolve to the rest of humanity. Releasing our own limitation helps every person upon this globe.
This spinning world of energy we call home is no longer a battleground of us and them. We now realize we are all in it together. There is no separation and never has been, except in the mind and feelings of the limited human. What we do in our reality, affects everybody and everything in some way. This is why the power is so potent. The energy acts according to our direction and all life feels the effect. When energy is sent with love, everyone experiences this gracious power and when it is conveyed as less than loving, each person must swim through a greater density of negativity.

all-hearts-know-truth-haroldwbecker-thelovefoundation-unconditionallove 2

It is time to awaken to the call of our heart. The flame of unconditional love burns bright in each of us; it is simply awaiting our recognition and use. With the power of love, we will lift this planet to heights never known before. Freedom, honesty, kindness, and gratitude, all add to our planetary evolution and experience and by paying attention to our thoughts and feelings, we will make the necessary adjustments and expand our limiting views into unlimited perspectives. Listening and acting upon the loving wisdom in each of us also ensures we will succeed. This new home will be one of peace, plenty, joy and opportunity, of the most divine kind. It begins when we are ready to accept and use these qualities in our personal lives. From our point of existence our love spirals out in waves touching and raising all it contacts. Such is the potential we wield each moment.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President
The Love Foundation

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