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January 2016 Newsletter How to Raise a Creative Child. Step One: Back Off
By Adam Grant
New York Times

Jan 30, 2016- THEY learn to read at age 2, play Bach at 4, breeze through calculus at 6, and speak foreign languages fluently by 8. Their classmates shudder with envy; their parents rejoice at winning the lottery. But to paraphrase T. S. Eliot, their careers tend to end not with a bang, but with a whimper. Read more

Can the ‘largest cleanup in history’ save the ocean?
By Terrence McCoy
Washington Post

Feb 1, 2016- Lourens Boot is a man of the sea. He windsurfs. His houseboat consistently ranks as one of the best Airbnb rentals in the world. He spent years working offshore exploration for Shell. But in spring of 2014, the Dutchman wanted something new.  Read more

Nation’s charter schools aren’t growing as fast as once thought (but here’s where they’re growing fastest)
By Emma Brown
Washington Post

Feb 3, 2016- The National Alliance of Public Charter Schools estimates in a new report that 2.9 million children now attend U.S. charter schools, up 9 percent from the last school year. Take that with a grain of salt Read more

We Still Don't Know What Makes a Great Teacher
By Lauren Camera
US News

Feb 2, 2016- Nearly 27,000 teacher preparation programs in the U.S. produce roughly 200,000 teachers annually, and yet education policy experts have a very limited understanding of what makes a teacher great. That's the sobering reality from a research paper published Tuesday by the nonprofit Bellwether Education Partners. Read more

Why Public High School Schools Need to Reinvent Mentorship to Help Poor Students Succeed
By Alyza Sebenius
The Atlantic

Jan 13, 2016- In her job as a “dream director,” Jessica Valoris is tasked with unleashing the potential of disadvantaged students at an inner-city high school in Washington, D.C. Her employer, a New York-based nonprofit called The Future Project, embeds mentors like Valoris in public schools, characterizing her role as a “midwife of dreams” and “warrior of possibility.” The Atlantic’s video team has documented the power that mentors like Valoris can have at a defining juncture in the lives of disadvantaged young people: high school. Read more

What a Million Syllabuses Can Teach Us
By Joe Karaganis and David McClure
New York Times

Jan 22, 2016- COLLEGE course syllabuses are curious documents. They represent the best efforts by faculty and instructors to distill human knowledge on a given subject into 14-week chunks. They structure the main activity of colleges and universities. And then, for the most part, they disappear. Read more

An App Helps Teachers Track Student Attendance
By Natasha Singer
New York Times

Jan 22, 2016- Over the years, Etta Covington, a science teacher at Wadleigh Secondary School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Harlem, has seen her share of students who routinely show up late to class, cut classes or skip school altogether. It’s a pattern that can increase the risk of flunking out. Read more

Rethinking College Admissions
By Frank Bruni
New York Times

Jan 20, 2016- Over recent years there’s been a steady escalation of concern about the admissions process at the most revered, selective American colleges. And little by little, those colleges have made tweaks. But I get the thrilling sense that something bigger is about to give. The best evidence is a report to be released on Wednesday.  Read more

As Graduation Rates Rise, Experts Fear Diplomas Come Up Short
By Motoko Rich
New York Times

Dec 27, 2015- GREENVILLE, S.C. — A sign in a classroom here at Berea High School, northwest of downtown in the largest urban district in the state, sends this powerful message: “Failure Is Not an Option. You Will Pass. You Will Learn. You Will Succeed.” By one measure, Berea, with more than 1,000 pupils, is helping more students succeed than ever: The graduation rate, below 65 percent just four years ago, has jumped to more than 80 percent.Read more

How to Improve Education for Low-Income Students
By Stuart Butler
Real Clear Markets

Jan 5, 2016- Americans have long believed that the combination of a solid education and hard work is the key to achieving the American Dream. That's true, but there are impediments to the smooth operation of the traditional formula for upward economic mobility that researchers on both the left and the right agree need to be addressed. Read more

Chinese Orchestra fuse traditional music with modern elements

Jan 19, 2015- The world renowned China National Traditional Orchestra has a way of building a young audience that appreciates classical music. It is wowing audiences in Washington, D.C. and New York. As CCTV America’s Mike Walter shows, the orchestra’s latest original production is winning over young fans. Read more

Charter Schools and Teachers Earn Bipartisan Victory in Appropriations, Tax Bills
By National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

Dec 18, 2015- Washington, D.C. – Nina Rees, president and CEO of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, congratulated and thanked Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate for passing an omnibus appropriations bill for 2016 that substantially increases funding for the federal Charter Schools Program, and for passage of the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act of 2015, which will benefit charter public schools and teachers. Read more
Achievement Gap Between White and Black Students Still Gaping
By Lauren Camera
US News

Jan 13, 2015- The achievement gap between white students and black students has barely narrowed over the last 50 years, despite nearly a half century of supposed progress in race relations and an increased emphasis on closing such academic discrepancies between groups of students. That's the finding that a new analysis of a landmark education report calls a "national embarrassment." Read more

Aggressive anti-abortion protestors force D.C. school to close for two days
By Alex Zielinski
Think Progress

Jan 21, 2016- It's the first snowy weekday of 2016 in Washington, D.C., and a group of bundled adults are congregating in the shadow of Two Rivers Charter School, just north of Capitol Hill. Inside, the classrooms are empty. Two Rivers, a K-7th grade charter school, is closed today -- but it has nothing to do with the inclimate weather. Read more

School year is about to get longer for thousands of D.C. children
By Abigail Hauslohner
Washington Post

Feb 3, 2016- Say goodbye to long summer breaks, at least in a wide swath of Southeast Washington. Starting next fall, nearly 4,000 students in some of the city’s poorest neighborhoods will attend school year-round. Read more

Thurgood Marshall emerges as a power in the PCSAA; Alvin Cox is putting on a show at Anacostia
By Mark Giannotto
Washington Post

Jan 11, 2016- Thurgood Marshall boys’ basketball Coach Lafayette Dublin was only a couple minutes removed from using a timeout to tell his team its performance to start the third quarter Saturday against McKinley Tech had been “unacceptable,” when senior Anwar Henson reminded everyone how much they missed him earlier this week. Read more

PCSB Bids Donald Hense Farewell
By DC Public Charter School Board

Dec 8, 2015- Donald L. Hense, who founded one of the District of Columbia’s first public charter schools in 1997, has announced that he will retire as CEO of that institution—Friendship Public Charter School—effective June 30, 2016. But will remain Chairman of the Board. Friendship’s chief operating officer, Patricia Brantley, will succeed Hense, as CEO a member of the National Charter School Hall of Fame.t, outpacing Somerset (Pa.) 92-60 in the quarterfinals of the Panther Classic at Carolina Forest High School. Read more

KIPP Empower Does It Again
By Don Soifer
Blended Learning Facts
Jan 29, 2016- The two seniors will attend the University of Rochester & Sewanee: The University of the South on a full-tuition scholarship. Two seniors were awarded the prestigious Posse Scholarship in an award ceremony on Wednesday, January 6th. This full-tuition scholarship includes on-going mentorship & internship opportunities for awardees. This is the first year that Capital City has had TWO Posse Scholars. Read more

Two Capital City Seniors Selected for Posse Scholarships
By Craig Sutton
Washington Post

Dec 18, 2015-As winter approaches in Hanover, N.H., the admissions season at Dartmouth College is in full swing. By the start of the new year, the college’s admissions office will receive roughly 20,000 applications from talented scholars vying to join the Class of 2020. By spring, Dartmouth’s incoming class will be a diverse community of students with different intellectual passions, native languages, religions and political leanings. However, like its counterparts at other Ivy League institutions, this class will fail to be diverse in at least one important respect: socioeconomic status. Read more

Will Charter Schools Ever Get Off the Ground in Virginia?
By A. Barton Hinkle
Richmond Times-Dispatch

Jan 13, 2016- Don Soifer is far more jovial than anyone trying to expedite charter schools in Virginia should be. The executive vice president of the Lexington Institute, a think tank in Arlington, does not seem discouraged by the degree to which public-school reform has left the commonwealth behind. To the north, Maryland has 50 charter schools -- and a Republican governor who wants more. The District of Columbia, where Soifer serves on the board governing charter schools, has 110. To the south, North Carolina has more than 150. Read more

D.C. teacher incorporates learning with movement
By Robin Gould, Leon Harris

Jan 20, 2016- SWASHINGTON (ABC7) -- At the William E. Dior Junior Public Charter School for the Performing Arts, students in Demetrius Lancaster's fourth grade Language Arts class are practicing spelling. But to an observer outside the classroom, it might be hard to tell as students can be seen jumping up and down. Read more

D.C. Charter School Pleads for Overseas Trip Donations
By Lauren Poteat

Jan 13, 2016- The National Collegiate Preparatory Public Charter High School in Southeast D.C. raised 16 percent of the funds needed to send a new class of students to participate in an education enrichment program this school year. The program seeks to expand student horizons and open up new opportunities for them to attend college and succeed. Read more

Federal Education Funding: Where Does the Money Go?
By Lauren Camera
US News

Jan 14, 2016- Government spending on education has surged over the last decade and a half, with money being funneled to federal programs for low-income students, students with disabilities and a slate of competitions that the Obama administration launched through the economic stimulus package. Since 2002, federal funding for education has increased by 36 percent, from $50 billion to $68 billion, according to an analysis by the Committee for Education Funding, a District of Columbia-based advocacy organization. Read more

D.C. Public Schools leaders tour SCS iZone
By Jennifer Pignolet
The Commercial Appeal

Jan 13, 2016- Cherokee Elementary teacher Tarsha Hudson bounces around her third-grade math class, immune to the sleepy post-lunch haze around 2:30 p.m. "What do we know about rectangles?" she yells with enthusiasm to her third-graders as she weaves around their desks. Read more

D.C. brings concussion app to sidelines of youth sports
By Jamie Forzato

Jan 5, 2016- From the football field to your smartphone: A new app is changing the way youth and high school sports concussions are documented. Coaches, parents and athletic trainers can be authorized to report suspected concussions through the InjureFree app. The interface allows an adult to describe the sport, type of injury, symptoms, if the athlete returned to play and other important information that can be recognized and tracked. Read more

He’s acting, but the nation’s new education secretary is for real
By Lyndsey Layton
Washington Post

Jan 5, 2016- John B. King Jr. settled into the rocking chair before a group of cross-legged kindergartners and fielded a question from a little boy. “Wait, are you a president?” the boy asked the grown-up in the gray suit, who had been escorted into their small classroom at JoAnn Leleck Elementary School in Silver Spring, Md., by an army of photographers, cameramen, reporters, and assorted school and county officials. Read more

Did Cross Collaboration Task Force leave off important members
By Mark Lerner
Parents Have School Choice Kids Win

Jan 6, 2016- Recently the Deputy Mayor for Education released a schedule of focus group meetings beginning in February in preparation for the work of the D.C. public schools Cross Collaboration Task Force. Taking another look at the membership of this body I’m wondering if some individuals who could have played a major role in advancing coordination of efforts between DCPS and charters were purposely left off the list. Read more

Mentorship effort tackles racial inequality
By Tom Nida
Washington Post

Dec 30, 2015- (page 6) New construction continues to transform the District of Columbia’s landscape and drive our economy. But as the District changes, many of our future adult residents are in danger of being left behind, unable to access the growing number of opportunities in this field.h; Africans, Powhatan Indians, the settlers — and wrote fictional stories from different points of view. Read more

Netflix chief announces $100 million fund for education
By Emma Brown
Washington Post

Jan 13, 2016- (Netflix founder and chief executive Reed Hastings, a longtime supporter of charter schools, is creating a $100 million foundation for education, he announced on his Facebook page Tuesday. The Hastings Fund launched with grants totaling $1.5 million to the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley and UNCF scholarship funds, donations meant to help minority students access college.Read more

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