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April 2015 Newsletter The Big Problem With the New SAT
By Richard C. Atkinson and Saul Geiser
New York Times

May 4, 2015- AT first glance, the College Board’s revised SAT seems a radical departure from the test’s original focus on students’ general ability or aptitude. Set to debut a year from now, in the spring of 2016, the exam will require students to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of subjects they study in school. Read more

‘Imagine if we celebrated teachers as much as we celebrate athletes and celebrities’
By Valerie Strauss
Washington Post

May 5, 2015- Tuesday is National Teacher Day, part of Teacher Appreciation Week, which has taken on special resonance in recent years as many teachers feel increasingly dishonored by policymakers who have put them at the center of controversial reforms. Read more

A new kind of college ranking: The 10 universities that will increase your career earnings the most
By Thomas Young
The Brookings Institute

April 29, 2015- In a new report, titled “Beyond College Rankings,” Brookings Fellow Jonathan Rothwell explores the “value-added” of 2- and 4-year colleges in the United States. Read more

Want Reform? Principals Matter, Too
By Will Miller
New York Times

April 17, 2015- POLITICIANS and education reformers are fixated on the performance of teachers, but they often overlook another key ingredient for improving student achievement: principals. The problem is that great principals often don’t end up in the schools that need them most — those with poor and minority students. Read more

College for the Masses
By David Leonhardt
New York Times

April 24, 2015- Growing up in Miami in the 1990s, Carlos Escanilla was a lot more interested in hanging out with friends and playing music than in school. Read more

Will 'Backfilling' Become the Next Big Charter Schools Debate?
By Arianna Prothero
Education Week

April 10, 2015- A parent and school-choice advocacy organization in New York City is calling on the city's charter schools to fill thousands of empty seats in 3rd through 8th grades. Read more

Guiding principles for a more enlightened U.S. education policy
By Valerie Strauss
Washington Post

April 9, 2015- Michael V. McGill is the long-time superintendent of the Scarsdale school district in New York, one of the most successful in the country. Now a professor of school leadership at Bank Street College of Education, McGill challenges the dominant vision of school reform in a new report that defines what effective policy and school leadership should like in quality schools. Read more

Campaign Launched to Make Children, Education National Priority
By Philanthropy News Digest

April 30, 2015- Common Sense Media in San Francisco has announced the launch of a national effort to build an advocacy movement among parents and teachers aimed at making children and their education the nation's top priority. Read more

Despite minority student success, charter school segregation narrative continues
By Yaël Ossowski

April 28, 2015- At the recent Education Writers Association national seminar in Chicago, a small breakout session asked the following question: Is school choice a tool for opportunity and equity, or further segregation? Read more

Why is Teach For America struggling to recruit?

April 15, 2015- Teach for America has sent more than 33,000 participants into schools in low-income, high need communities since it launched in 1990. But as Brandis Friedman of public television station WTTW Chicago reports, the organization is now having a harder time recruiting new candidates. Read more

More Universities Take Up SBAC 'College-Ready' Cutoffs
By Catherine Gewertz
Education Week

April 21, 2015- Nearly 200 colleges and universities in six states have agreed to let students skip remedial coursework if they reach the college-readiness score on the 2015 Smarter Balanced assessment.  Read more

Report Summary: Breaking Down Barriers to Blended Learning
By The Editors
Education Week

April 13, 2015- “Blended Learning: Breaking Down Barriers” examines some of the most intractable challenges schools face in trying to use technology to improve teaching and learning—and how K-12 systems are attempting to clear those hurdles. Read more

Why Colleges Should Care About the Common Core
By Harold G. Levine & Michael W. Kirst
Education Week

April 13, 2015- Now that the Common Core State Standards in English/language arts and mathematics have been adopted in much of the country, states are busy with their implementation. Read more

Online Coursetaking Evolving Into Viable Option for Special Ed.
By Michelle R. Davis
Education Week

March 31, 2015- As new technologies allow digital lessons to be tailored to various learning styles, a growing number of programs are evolving to enable students with disabilities to take online courses created with their needs in mind. Read more

NFL draft: Friendship Collegiate’s Eddie Goldman selected by Chicago Bears in second round
By Brandon Parker
Washington Post

May 1, 2015- Former Friendship Collegiate defensive lineman All-Met Eddie Goldman was selected by the Chicago Bears with the seventh pick of Friday’s second round (No. 39 overall) of the NFL draft in Chicago. Read more

Why civil rights groups say parents who opt out of tests are hurting kids
By Emma Brown
Washington Post

May 5, 2015- A dozen civil rights groups issued a statement Tuesday criticizing the growing movement of parents who refuse to allow their children to take standardized tests, saying the anti-test push “would sabotage important data and rob us of the right to know how our students are faring.” Read more

DC schools may be too quick to expel and suspend students
By Natalie Wexler
Greater Greater Washington

May 5, 2015- School leaders in DC generally agree that suspensions and expulsions should be used as a last resort when disciplining students. Still, many schools are too quick to invoke those measures, according to a recent report. Read more

Charter school founder, company agree to pay $3 million to settle lawsuit
By Michael Alison Chandler
Washington Post

May 5, 2015- Charter school founder Kent Amos and his management company have agreed to pay $3 million to settle a lawsuit that alleged he used the company to divert taxpayer funds from the school for his personal gain. Read more

New rules would govern how D.C. public schools fund renovations
By Michael Alison Chandler
Washington Post

April 29, 2015- D.C. Council member David Grosso proposed new rules Wednesday that would govern the council’s decisions about how to fund school renovations in the future, aiming to make more efficient and equitable use of the resources the city spends to improve public school facilities. Read more

Study: Far fewer new teachers are leaving the profession than previously thought
By Emma Brown
Washington Post

April 30, 2015- New teachers are far less likely to leave the profession than previously thought, according to federal data released Thursday. Ten percent of teachers who began their careers in 2007-2008 left teaching after their first year, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. But attrition then leveled off, and five years into their careers, 83 percent were still teaching. Read more

D.C. joins push to open more charter schools for military children
By Kavitha Cardoza
Washington Post

April 10, 2015- Larissa Camilleri pushes a stroller with her 20-month-old daughter, Scarlett, while juggling several lunch bags and backpacks. As they make their way through the hallways of Leckie Elementary School, a public school in Southwest Washington, Camilleri looks over at her sons, 7-year-old Eric and 5-year-old Nicholas. Both boys are dressed in brown blazers and red bow ties for picture day. Read more

Wait list numbers are up for D.C. schools
By Michael Alison Chandler
Washington Post

April 8, 2015- More than 8,500 students in the District are on wait lists for one or more charter schools this year, and nearly 7,000 are on them for at least one traditional public school, according to data released this week. Read more

Students become ‘citizen scientists,’ track D.C.’s wildlife with cameras
By Michael Alison Chandler
Washington Post

May 3, 2015- Jasmyn Hill had been attending the same charter school in Southeast Washington for five years before she ever ventured into the woods that surround the campus. “I had no idea what was in there,” said the 16-year-old junior with long turquoise nails and waist-length braids. She described herself as “not really the type who goes camping.” Read more

Cesar Chavez-Capitol Hill Is Among D.C.’s ‘Most Challenging High Schools’
By Andrew Ramonas
Hill Now

April 20, 2015- The Capitol Hill campus of Cesar Chavez Public Charter Schools for Public Policy is one of the District’s “most challenging high schools,” according to a new analysis. Cesar Chavez-Capitol Hill at 709 12th St. SE is No. 13 on a list of 14 high schools The Washington Post deemed the most challenging in D.C. No other Capitol Hill-area high schools made the list. Read more

What DC's two most sought-after schools have in common
By Letters to the Editor
Greater Greater Washington

April 27, 2015- A recent post analyzed the waitlist numbers for DC's traditional public schools and charter schools. Jessica Wodatch, executive director and one of the founders of Two Rivers Public Charter School, sent us this response. Read more

Advanced Placement offerings vary widely in D.C. high schools
By Michael Alison Chandler
Washington Post

April 20, 2015- The number of Advanced Placement classes at high schools in the District ranges from 29 courses at Wilson High School to three courses at Anacostia High School east of the river. Read more

Rocketship breaks ground on new District charter school after delays
By Michael Alison Chandler
Washington Post

April 14, 2015- Construction for the new Rocketship elementary school, a high-tech public charter elementary school in the District, got underway Tuesday in Ward 8. The D.C. Public Charter School Board gave the California-based operator conditional approval in 2013 through an expedited application process, but opening day was ultimately pushed back a year, following a lengthy search for a location and some local opposition. Read more

What Drives Public-School Demand? Location, Location, Location.
By Aaron Wiener
Washington City Paper

April 15, 2015- Last week, the District released the waitlist numbers for each public and charter school. For D.C. Public Schools, this means the number of students who couldn't get in on the first round to an out-of-boundary school or to a pre-kindergarten program. For charters, it's the number who couldn't get into a school in the citywide lottery, since there's no neighborhood preference for charters. Read more

Maya Students featured by United States Postal Service
By Maya Angelou Schools & See Forever Foundation

April 14, 2015- At the age of 86, on health-related travel restrictions, Dr. Maya Angelou couldn’t attend the annual fundraiser for the Maya Angelou Public Charter Schools as she had for many years. But that didn’t keep her from celebrating. She teleconferenced in. Read more

D.C. Superintendent Grants $220K for Summer Programs for Students
By WI Web Staff
Washington Informer

April 28, 2015- The District of Columbia Office of the State Superintendent of Education has awarded $220,000 in grant funding to several local education agencies and organizations in the first "College, Credential and Career (C3) Ready" summer initiative aimed at middle school students. Read more

Segregation of the nation’s children starts with preschool, new report finds
By Lyndsey Layton
Washington Post

April 29, 2015- Publicly funded preschools across the country are largely segregated by race and income, and poor children are typically enrolled in the lowest quality programs, according to a new report released Wednesday by researchers at the National Center for Children and Families at Teachers College, Columbia University. Read more

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