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May 2017 Newsletter Bosses believe your work skills will soon be useless
By Danielle Paquette
Washington Post

May 3, 2017- Nearly a third of business leaders and technology analysts express “no confidence” that education and job training in the United States will evolve rapidly enough to match the next decade’s labor market demands, a new report from the Pew Research Center finds. Read more

The Purpose of Charter Schools
By Chester Finn, Jr., Bruno V. Manno and Brandon Wright
US News

May 8, 2017- City Academy High School in St. Paul, Minnesota, will celebrate a milestone in September: 25 years as the nation's first charter school. During that quarter century, charter school growth has been remarkable. Today, 44 states and Washington, D.C. contain some 7,000 of these independently operated public schools, serving nearly 3 million students. Remarkably, charters account for the entire growth in U.S. K–12 public school enrollments since 2006. Read more

I Know the fears of immigrants in the schools I oversee. I was undocumented myself.
By David Leonhardt

May 2, 2017- Betsy DeVos’s favorite education policy keeps looking worse. Last week, the Education Department, which she runs, released a careful study of the District of Columbia’s use of school vouchers, which she supports. The results were not good. Read more

School Vouchers Aren't Working, but Choice Is
By Susan M. Dynarski and Katherine Michelmore
New York Times

April 13, 2017- Researchers and policymakers devote considerable effort to understanding gaps in academic achievement between low-income students and their better-off classmates. And rightly so: the income-based achievement gap is a large and growing source of educations inequality in the United States. The test-score gap between high- and low-income students is 40 percent wider today than it was 25 years ago. Read more

The role of public charter schools in career preparation
By Justin Baer and Julie Strawn

May 12, 2017- Far too few students have access to the kind of high-quality, career-focused high school education that’ll put them on a path to postsecondary credentials connected to high-demand, high-wage jobs. Charter schools, however, may hold the most promise for quickly scaling up these models. Read more

Do charter schools serve special needs kids? The jury is out
By Maria Danilova, Associated Press

MAY 22, 2017- WASHINGTON (AP) — Five-year-old Nico Rosenblatt cannot speak and struggles to learn because of a rare genetic condition, yet thrives when surrounded by other children in a regular classroom, according to his parents. However, they say neither the public school system nor a charter school in the nation's capital could provide an inclusive environment for him. Read more
D.C. approves new charter schools, including two middle schools
By Alejandra Matos
Washington Post

May 24, 2017- The D.C. Public Charter School Board approved three new charter schools this week, including an all-boys middle school and an adult education campus. The new schools will add hundreds of charter-school seats to the city, the majority of them for middle school students.  Read more

Williams: The D.C. Enrollment Scandal Shows How Critical It Is to Guard Against Parent Privilege
By Conor Williams
The 74 

May 23, 2017- Notwithstanding the incandescent glow of various public debates, almost everyone likes school choice. Thing is, no one seems to like it for the same reason -- and that drives a wide range of school choice experiments. Read more

Board Approves Three New Public Charter Schools Led by Black and Latino Leaders
By DC Public Charter School Board

May 23, 2017- Washington, D.C.-- DC Public Charter School Board (DC PCSB) voted May 22 to approve three out of eight applications for new public charter schools for the 2018-19 academic year. Read more

Despite D.C.'s pledges, hundreds of families a year bypass city's public middle schools
By Alejandra Matos
Washington Post

May 20, 2017- Every year hundreds of D.C. parents with children in traditional elementary schools yank them out of the system before they can reach their neighborhood middle schools, preferring to hunt for other educational options. Read more

D.C. Charter school offers new way of learning
By Delia Goncalves

May 19, 2017- Students say the virtual learning at Friendship Public Charter school is the best of both worlds: they learn at home at their own speed but still get to socialize through weekly class visits, field trips, sports and clubs. Read more

BASIS: Inside the Acclaimed School Network That's Blended Together the World's Best Education Practices
By Kate Stringer
The 74 

May 17, 2017- Why was her fourth-grader holding a medical school prep book? That was Radha Subramanyam's first reaction when she looked over her daughter Tara's shoulder as she studied the human circulatory system. It wasn't really an MCAT book, just a science book from the new school Tara had recently transferred into. Still, the diagrams of the heart had far greater detail than anything Tara had brought home before. Read more

A path forward on school budgets
By Matthew Frumin, Mary Levy and Eboni Rose Thompson
Washington Post 

May 12, 2017- Notwithstanding D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser's (D) claims that her budget for next year represents the "largest investment ever in public education in the District," that budget, in fact, represents a cut in real terms in per-pupil investment. And, as hundreds have attested, that has resulted in staff cuts and pinched budgets in the face of stable enrollment at many of our schools. Read more

From Charter School to College Graduate
By Percee Goings-King

May 11, 2017- Graduating from Columbia University, after arriving there via Friendship Collegiate Academy Public Charter School in Northeast D.C., was the next step in my journey to my first job in New York City. One year on from graduation is an opportunity to reflect on where I have come from and where I am going in life after I start my career. Read more

Edelin: Fund D.C. Students Adequately, Equally
By Dr. Ramona Edelin
Washington Informer

May 3, 2017- This week is National Charter Schools Week — someone should remind the District of Columbia of charter schools’ contribution to public education in the nation’s capital. Recently, District Mayor Muriel Bowser proposed only a 1.5 percent increase in the Uniform Per Student Funding Formula, which finances school operation costs for students enrolled in D.C. Public Schools, the traditional public school system, and the District’s public charter schools. Read more
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