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August 2016 Newsletter Pokemon Go: Games, Art, and Open Spaces at the Museum
By Fernando M. Reimers
Education Week

July 13, 2016- Shortly after its release, colleagues began playing Pokémon Go —an augmented reality game that has captured the imagination of the entire internet. Museum visitors were doing the same. At the Smithsonian American Art Museum, new games are often received with more enthusiasm than might be expected of an art museum. Perhaps you've heard, SAAM has a long history with games. Read more

The value of knowing how students learn
By Benjamin Riley
Phi Delta Kappan

April 2016- I can remember the day that transformed my perspective on teaching and teacher preparation. I was sitting on my couch on a Sunday morning in Washington, D.C., reading a book written by Daisy Christodoulou, a teacher in England (2014). Three years into her teaching career, Christodoulou described a deep and surprising frustration. Read more

Standards-based grading and reporting will improve education
By Marco A. Muñoz and Thomas R. Guskey
Phi Delta Kappan

April 2015- Grading and reporting are foundational elements in nearly every educational system. Grading represents teachers’ evaluations — formative or summative — of students’ performance. Reporting is how the results of those evaluations are communicated to students, parents, or others. Because of their fundamental nature, educators must ensure that grading and reporting always meet the criteria for validity and reliability. Read more

Three Skills to Improve Deep Reading Comprehension
By Liana Heitin
Education Week

August 1, 2016- Three key skills—academic language, perspective taking, and complex reasoning—can predict how well a student does with the kind of deep reading comprehension required in secondary school and beyond, according to a recent study. Read more

What's Keeping Women Out of Science, Math Careers? Calculus and Confidence
By Liana Heitin
Education Week

August 3, 2016- It's well-known there's a gender gap within science, technology, engineering, and math majors and careers, and a new study traces the moment many women give up on STEM to a single college class: calculus. The study, published in PLOS One last month, found that women are 1.5 times more likely to drop out of the STEM pipeline after Calculus I than men are. Read more

Teaching Grit Through Sportsmanship
By Starr Sackstein
Ed Excellence

August 4, 2016- The batter approaches the plate. This is the moment. Head down, the batter takes a practice swing. He/she is ready. The ump kneels down and says a resounding, "batter up!" The pitcher is ready too. The pressure is on for both of them in this minute. The other players will have their moments or not depending on how this first show down goes. Read more

D.C. stymied on mid-year school changes
By Emily Leayman
Education Watchdog

August 2, 2016- The D.C. Cross-Collaboration Task Force was created to let D.C. Public Schools and public charter schools tackle the city’s educational issues together. But on a mutual concern of students leaving schools mid-year, the two sectors are struggling to find common ground for a policy recommendation for the mayor. Read more

Excellence Through Equity: an Interview With Pedro Noguera & Alan Blankstein
By Larry Ferlazzo
Education Week

August 4, 2016- My children need to read this summer. They’re in the middle of a long vacation from school, and I want them to enjoy it — but I also want them to be able to pick up their education where they left off when school starts again in the fall. Read more

How to Improve Teacher Training
By Mary Ellen Levin, Frances Curio, Larry Hoffner, Dennis Clausen
New York Times

July 18, 2016- Pedro Noguera and Alan M. Blankstein agreed to answer a few questions about their book, Excellence Through Equity: Five Principles of Courageous Leadership to Guide Achievement for Every Student. Read more

Prosecutors decline to bring criminal charges after investigation into D.C. charter school
By Paul Hill
Washington Post

August 8, 2016- Federal prosecutors said they do not expect to file criminal charges related to their multi-year investigation into the District’s Options Public Charter School, whose former managers have been accused of using the school to enrich themselves with millions of tax dollars meant for at-risk and disabled students. Read more

IDEAL Academy Public Charter School Celebrates Clean Energy Pact with DC Startup
By Lenore T. Adkins

August 5, 2016- IDEAL Academy Public Charter School will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony and open house this weekend to celebrate a collaboration with a District startup that will not only feed solar and micro-grid technology into the school, but also benefit the larger community. Read more

At D.C. charters, college prep is more than a statistic
By Emily Leayman
Education Watchdog

August 16, 2016- On a hot August Friday, soon-to-be junior Justice Wright is sitting with 44 other students presenting a final project. She and her peers at Cesar Chavez Public Charter School at Capitol Hill are completing a two-week program to prepare for college-level AP classes in the fall. In recent years, the public policy-focused school has begun to offer AP courses to both juniors and seniors. Read more

Proposed charter school gives military families more choice
By Emily Leayman
Education Watchdog

August 9, 2016- Military families at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling are a step closer to having a charter school that can accommodate their frequent moves. The D.C. Council passed legislation in March that allowed a mid-year enrollment exception for transient military families and jump-started a campaign to open a school near the base. Read more

The nation’s teacher force lacks diversity, and it might not get much better
By T. Rees Shapiro
Washington Post

August 18, 2016- Persistent achievement gaps among black and Hispanic students have confounded education experts for years. One strategy researchers have found to be successful at narrowing the gaps is a simple one: Employ more minority teachers, who often can forge a better connection with them. Read more

A tale of two sectors: private donations in D.C. schools
By Emily Leayman 
Washington Post

August 18, 2016- In an effort to pit school sectors against each other, members of the Washington Teachers’ Union are criticizing private donations to charter schools, saying they undermine traditional public schools. But charter school leaders and advocates aren’t rising to the bait, and instead point out that private funding makes up for inequitable facilities funding and that traditional public schools also receive millions from private donors. Read more
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