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May 2016 Newsletter STEM show looks to capture D.C. students' imaginations
By Faith E. Pinho
Washington Times

May 11, 2016- Rayal McKinley, 15, cowered and screamed as a Tyrannosaurus rex lunged at her, teeth bared, at the Carnegie Library in Northwest. “Spit was coming out of its mouth and I thought it was eating on me,” Rayal said of her extinct pursuer — a virtual reality demonstration by the Dell Corp. for the third annual Information Technology Industry Council show. Read more

Education Department proposes rules for judging schools
By Emma Brown
Washington Post

May 26, 2016- The Education Department on Thursday released draft regulations outlining how states should judge which schools are succeeding and which are in need of intervention, a key point of contention, with civil rights activists on the one side and teachers unions and Republican lawmakers on the other. Read more

Better ways to measure school success are worth a try
By Jay Mathews
New York Times

May 15, 2016- It’s hard to like the new, loosey-goosey Every Student Succeeds Act, the latest federal attempt to make schools better. Its predecessor, the No Child Left Behind Act, had problems, too, but at least it did not let our 50 states and the District — a mostly weak-willed bunch — decide how much our children should learn. Read more

DC Youth Tackle Environmental Challenges Through Hands-On Learning
By The Nature Conservancy

May 23, 2016- The Nature Conservancy, through its innovative Nature Works Everywhere program, is helping students at DC Bilingual Public Charter School to understand and protect the natural systems that produce food, water, clean air and energy in their community through a new native pollinator garden on the school’s campus in northeast Washington, D.C. Read more

Local teams win big at National Science Bowl
By Kellye Lynn
Washington Informer

May 2, 2016- ALEXANDRIA, Va. (ABC7) -- It's been 17 years since Montgomery Blair High School last claimed the title. On May 2, the team from Silver Spring got it back; becoming National Science Bowl Champions. Read more

Panel approves D.C. charter school budget increase
By Emily Leayman
Education Watchdog

May 6, 2016- In a Thursday budget markup, the D.C. Council Education Committee left unchanged Mayor Muriel Bowser’s proposed 5 percent funding increase for charter schools but will later analyze how schools spend funds for at-risk students. Read more

D.C. charter enrollment growth puts spotlight on accountability
By Emily Leayman
Education Watchdog

May 6, 2016- The 2016-17 D.C. school year enrollment period ended earlier this week, and based on remaining spots open on My School DC, charter schools are filling up faster than public schools in most wards. Read more

Mentor gap seen in D.C. as students far outpace volunteers
By Ryan M. McDermott
Washington Times

May 9, 2016- Volunteerism is alive but unwell in the District with regard to public and charter school students — more than 30,000 of whom lack mentors and tutors because of a dearth of volunteers. Read more

The Thurgood Marshall Academy PCS 15 year Shining Star Gala
By Mark Lerner
Parents Have School Choice Kids Win

May 10, 2016- My wife and I had the distinct pleasure last Thursday evening of attending the 15 year anniversary Shining Star Gala hosted by the Thurgood Marshall Academy Public Charter School. Note to all other charters out there: if you want to stage a perfect celebration follow the pristine example established by this institution. Read more

Educational Opportunity Is About More Than Access
By Kimberlee Everson
Education Week

April 26, 2016- In the course of the current presidential campaign, the candidates have offered a range of views on how to improve K-12 schooling. Amid competing calls for free preschool, revised education standards, and universal college access, it is time to finally realize that families, not schools, are the most important force in children's lives. Read more

'Man the block' initiative aims to keep kids safe
By Stephen Tschida

May 16, 2016- WASHINGTON (ABC7) — Today a volunteer program launched to keep District children safe at a time when they are very vulnerable: heading to and from school. Organizers of "Man the Block" are calling on DC adults to volunteer during the mornings and afternoon trips to supervise children, especially near troubled spots, such as bus stops and Metro stations. Read more
Washington, D.C. — The Pre-K Capital Where Nearly All 4-Year-Olds (and Most 3-Year-Olds!) Go to School
By Carolyn Phenicie
The 74

May 22, 2016- It’s a typical Wednesday morning at the Lincoln Park campus of AppleTree Early Learning, a network of pre-K charter schools dotting Washington, D.C. Inside the school, a converted row house a mile from the Capitol, three-year-olds participate in the daily Sounds, Songs, and Symbols lesson. Read more

Education Remains the Key to Liberation
By Donald L. Hense
Washington Informer

June 1, 2016- We recently marked six years since the death of Dorothy Height, a giant of the civil rights movement. Born in 1912 in the segregated South in Richmond, Virginia, her family moved North, as so many African-American families did at that time. Read more

D.C. task force tackles students’ mid-year school changes
By Emily Leayman
Education Watchdog

May 27, 2016- In 2013-14, 92 percent of D.C. students did not change schools at mid-year. That seems like a solid figure, until one considers that the remainder totals an alarming 6,118 students bouncing from one school to another — or out altogether — in the middle of the school year.Read more

Charter students punished for parents’ choice
By Dr. Ramona Edelin
The Current

April 26, 2016- (page 8) Some 39,000 D.C. children are educated in charter schools, representing 45 percent of all District public school students. This is only 9,000 fewer students than those enrolled in D.C. Public Schools, the traditional public school system. Read more

New D.C. campus coming for charter that caters to ‘the whole family in one place’
By Emily Leayman
Education Watchdog

May 10, 2016- Monday morning at Briya Public Charter School in Washington, D.C., a classroom full of mothers is practicing how to communicate with their children’s teachers in English. These students will have to put this skill into practice even before the school day ends; after all, their children attend class right across the hall. Read more

D.C. school leaders, parents call for more volunteers to ensure safe student commutes
By Perry Stein
Washington Post

May 16, 2016- Jasmine Seawright, 16, lives in Southeast and rides a Metrobus each day to Richard Wright Public Charter School in Northeast. When she arrives at the bus stop near her school, there’s an adult volunteer waiting for her to ensure she and the other students on the bus arrive safely on campus.  Read more

Approved D.C. charter might be ‘last educational option’ for at-risk youth
By Emily Leayman
Education Watchdog

May 15, 2016- In pursuit of a successful strategy to help 17,400 “disconnected youth” stay in school, the D.C. Public Charter School Board approved an application to open a high school with a unique academic approach in 2017. Read more

A Changing Landscape: Examining How Public Charter School Enrollment is Growing in DC
By Peter Tuths
DC Fiscal Policy Institute

May 24, 2016- Enrollment in the District of Columbia’s public charter schools leapt from a quarter of all DC students a decade ago to nearly half of all DC students in the 2015-2016 school year. While the gap in enrollment growth rates between DC Public Schools and public charter schools has narrowed significantly in recent years, the charter sector appears to still be growing faster. Read more

D.C.'s Changing Demographics Alone Don't Explain Improvement in Test Scores
By Andrew Giambrone
Washington City Paper

May 24, 2016- As D.C.'s racial and socioeconomic composition has changed, so too have the populations of its traditional and public charter schools. But these kinds of changes alone don't account for a rise in standardized-test scores over the past decade, a new analysis by the Urban Institute concludes. Read more

D.C. school choice makes Pre-K access tops in the nation
By Emily Leayman
Education Watchdog

May 24, 2016- For the third school year, D.C. was ranked first in the nation for Pre-K per-student funding and enrollment. Sara Mead, a D.C. Public Charter School Board member and Pre-K expert, believes the numerous choices of 120 public charter schools and traditional charter schools helped D.C.’s universal Pre-K program claim the top spot. Read more

Girls outscore boys on inaugural national test of technology, engineering skills
By Emma Brown
Washington Post

May 17, 2016- Girls outperformed boys on a national test of technology and engineering literacy that the federal government administered for the first time in 2014, according to results made public Tuesday. Read more

Obama wants to hear what children have to say about science education
By Moriah Balingit
Washington Post

May 19, 2016- Jacob Leggette said he believes it is important that children have a say in their science education. That’s why the 9-year-old budding engineer from Baltimore fearlessly approached President Obama at the White House Science Fair and asked: “Do you have a child science adviser?” Read more

For the poor in the Ivy League, a full ride isn’t always what they imagined
By Nick Anderson
Washington Post

May 16, 2016- To reach the Ivy League after growing up poor seems like hitting the jackpot. Students get a world-class education from schools that promise to meet full financial needs without making them take out loans. But the reality of a full ride isn’t always what they had dreamed it would be. Read more

In a time of hate, two education enemies find agreement
By Jay Mathews
Washington Post

May 22, 2016- In this year of deep political splits and bad manners, who would have predicted that our great national-education debate has reached such a friendly, we-can-all-get-along moment? Read more

The problem that school choice has not solved
By Emma Brown
Washington Post

May 11, 2016- A child’s access to a decent education shouldn’t be limited by his Zip code. That mantra has helped drive the school choice movement during the past two decades, pushing a growing number of cities to embrace policies that allow children from poor families to escape troubled neighborhood schools and enroll elsewhere. Read more

Standardized testing, testing … 1, 2, 3
By Deborah Simmons
Washington Times

May 2, 2016- ANALYSIS/OPINION: Uh-oh. America made a big boo-boo. It has nothing to do with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton or Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders, whose political destinies fall Tuesday into the hands of the good people of Indiana. Read more

The invisible tax on teachers of color
By John King
Washington Post

April 14, 2016- John King is U.S. education secretary. One of my top priorities as education secretary is to help our public schools serve the needs of our increasingly diverse students so that they have the opportunity to pursue the American dream and use their talents to help our nation tackle some of its most difficult problems. Read more

CDC warns that Americans may be overmedicating youngest children with ADHD
By Ariana Eunjung Cha
Washington Post

May 3, 2016- U.S. health officials are urging parents of preschoolers with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to try behavior therapy first before trying drugs — and they're calling on insurers to cover the treatments. Read more
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