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June 2017 Newsletter Education’s Double-Edged Sword
By Lauren Camera
US News

June 9, 2017- Dozens of charter school leaders met in Washington, D.C., last week, just blocks from the U.S. Capitol, to discuss a number of pressing issues facing the charter sector – chief among them, how to navigate the politically thorny situation of opposing much of the Trump administration’s agenda despite that agenda including the expansion of charter schools. Read more

The stakes couldn't be higher: It's time to let education innovation, opportunity thrive
By Jeanne Allen
US News

June 9, 2017- Imagine a bi-partisan commission focused on one of America's most pressing national issues. Imagine a consensus opinion on what needs to be done to save generations of American youth-at-risk. Now imagine ignoring those recommendations. Unthinkable to some, but the sad reality we see today. Read more

Success Academy Wins 2017 Broad Prize, Unveils Ambitious Plans to Launch Digital Platform to Share Curriculum
By Carolyn Phenicie
The 74

June 12, 2017- Success Academy, the high-performing, high-profile New York City charter network, won the prestigious $250,000 Broad Prize for its success in closing achievement gaps and boosting academic performance for low-income children and children of color. The prize, given annually to large charter management organizations, will go toward college readiness programs. It was presented Monday morning at the National Charter Schools Conference in Washington, D.C. Read more

New CREDO Report Finds Nonprofit Charter Schools Perform Better for Children Than For-Profit Charters
By Naomi Nix
The 74

June 13, 2017- For-profit charter schools are less likely to improve student achievement than nonprofit charter schools or traditional public schools, according to a new report from Stanford University’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO). On average, nonprofit charter schools — which represent the majority of charter schools in the U.S. — offer their students the equivalent of 23 more days of math instruction and six more days of reading instruction than for-profits, the report found. Read more

Student Mobility Takes an Academic Toll. But Why?
By Daarel Burnette II

May 12, 2017- Parents and educators have long documented and witnessed firsthand the psychological and academic toll of a child having to move to a new school midyear. But how students, families, and schools rebound from the moves is still a sort of black box for researchers. Because data on these hard-to-track students have been so hard to come by, researchers and advocates in the past have been stumped answering some very basic questions about student mobility  Read more

Inclusion, Career and Technical Education Help Students With Disabilities
By Christina Samuels

June 12, 2017- Students with disabilities who spend at least 80 percent of their school day in general education courses have higher rates of on-time graduation, college attendance, and employment than students with disabilities who are similar in other ways, but who spend less time in general education, according to a new study. Read more
26 D.C. Adults Earn High School Diplomas
By Lenore T. Akins
The Afro

June 15, 2017- At 68 years old, Paul Reggie Bryant can finally call himself a high school graduate. On June 10, Bryant was one of 26 students to graduate from Academy of Hope Adult Public Charter School with a high school diploma. “I used to always hear the saying ‘You’re never too old,’” said Bryant, who delivered an emotional speech at the graduation. “Of course, I never believed it. But through hard work and perseverance, I did it!”nbsp;Read more

DeVos Delivers Tough Love to Charter School Advocates
By Lauren Camera

June 13, 2017- Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Tuesday delivered a gut check to thousands of charter schools advocates gathered in Washington, D.C., reminding them that when it comes to school choice they are not the only player. Read more

How Capital City Public Charter School Provides Its Students with a Deeper Learning Expedition
By Kristen Loschert
Washington Post

May 20, 2017- Stephanie Murphy’s fourth graders had a problem—there simply weren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. But their challenge wasn’t trying to balance their homework with their time with friends. Instead, the students were trying to allocate the amount of time the members of their colony would devote to building homes, making clothes, cooking meals, and other chores as part of a classroom exercise simulating life of the seventeenth century American colonists.Read more

For the first time, a D.C. charter school has voted to create a teachers union
By Alejandra Matos
Washington Post

June 16, 2017- Teachers and staff at a D.C. charter school voted Thursday to unionize, the first time a charter in the District has taken such a step. The educators at Cesar Chavez Public Charter School at Chavez Prep Middle School in Northwest voted 31 to 2 to form a union, which they say will help secure more resources for students, give them a say in school decision-making and create job security. Read more

The seal of biliteracy is a distinction worth celebrating
By Editorial Board
Washington Post

June 26, 2017- AS THIS year’s graduates walked down the aisle armed with Latin distinctions from valedictorian to summa or magna cum laude, tens of thousands of high school seniors also claimed an accolade dedicated to the languages they speak every day: the “seal of biliteracy,” which honors students who have demonstrated proficiency in English and another language. Read more

Has the charter school movement gone awry? A new book says yes, and it’s causing a stir
By Matt Barnum

May 5, 2017- What’s the point of a charter school? Is acting as another option for families enough, or should it have to post higher test scores than other schools, too? Those questions are at the heart of a growing rift in the education reform world — and the focus of a new book making waves among some of its most prominent conservative figures. Read more

The futility of PLC Lite
By Rick DuFour and Douglas Reeves
Phi Delta Kappan

May 11, 2017- Although many schools around the world have claimed to embrace the professional learning community (PLC) process, it would be more accurate to describe the current state of affairs in many schools as PLC Lite. Read more

Rice: Charter Schools Are Advancing the Cause of Black Education in America for the 21st Century
By Ron Rice
The 74

July 5, 2017- African-American educators have been at the forefront of education battles through the centuries. Before Brown v. Board, black educators came together to operate schools that were responsive to our community. And after the landmark ruling, black educators worked tirelessly — literally giving their sweat, blood, and tears — to enforce the Supreme Court’s will. Read more
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