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February Newsletter 2015 Friday was DC Public Education Announcement Day
By Mark Lerner
DC Charter Schools Examiner

Mar 2, 2015- Last Friday Mayor Bowser's Administration made several moves on the public education front. First, Steve Bumbaugh was nominated for a seat on the DC Public Charter School Board. He would take Herb Tillery's vacated slot. Read more

Community Colleges That Work
The Editorial Board
New York Times

Feb 27, 2015- By When President Obama called last month for making community college tuition-free for millions of students, he pointed out that graduation rates would have to improve to make the investment worthwhile. Read more

D.C. charter school closed for poor academic performance
By Moriah Costa

Feb 25, 2015- Washington’s Tree of Life Public Charter School will close at the end of this school year for poor academic performance, as the D.C. Public Charter School Board voted unanimously not to renew the charter. Read more

Don’t Give Up the Gains in Education
By The Editorial Board
New York Times

Feb 21, 2015- Congress made the right decision a decade ago when it required states to administer yearly tests to public school students — and improve instruction for poor and minority students — in return for federal education aid. Read more

Is Your First Grader College Ready?
By Laura Pappano
New York Times

Feb 4, 2015- What is college? To Madison Comer, a confident 6-year-old, it is a very big place. “It’s tall,” she explained, outlining the head of Tuffy, the North Carolina State mascot, with a gray crayon. “It’s like high school but it’s higher.” Read more

Closing Achievement Gap Would Boost Economy, Report Finds
By Philanthrophy News Digest

Feb 4, 2015- Improving educational outcomes and narrowing the achievement gap for children from disadvantaged backgrounds would significantly increase long-term U.S. economic growth and raise government revenues, a report from the Washington Center for Equitable Growth argues. Read more

Public Charter School Enrollment Approaches 3 Million
By National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

Feb 2015- During the 2014-15 school year, more than 500 new public charter schools opened. An estimated 348,000 additional students are attending public charter schools in the 2014-15 school year compared with the previous school year. Read more

Girls of Color Also at Risk of School-to-Prison Pipeline, Study Finds
By Philanthropy News Digest

Feb 16, 2015- While efforts to address the school-to-prison pipeline tend to focus on boys and young men of color, girls and young women of color also face many of the same challenges, a report from the African American Policy Forum and the Center for Intersectionality and Social Policy Studies finds. Read more

Equal funding is key for all D.C. students
By Fight for Children
The Northwest Current

Feb 2015- It should be a no-brainer. Public education is meant to serve all students and families equally. No school, neighborhood, ZIP code or quadrant ought to be entitled to financial advantages over another. Not only is it ethical, moral and common sense — it is the law. Read more

How Gentrification Is Leaving Public Schools Behind
By Joshua Rosenblat and Tanner Howard
US News

Feb 20, 2015- Ellington Turner and his mother, Marlece, began to cry. The seventh-grader had just gotten word that his school, MacFarland Middle School in Washington, D.C.’s fast-gentrifying Petworth neighborhood, would be closed following the 2012-2013 school year. Read more

Third-Grade Reading Proficiency Between 2007 and 2014
By Sarah Anne Hughes
Washington City Paper

Feb 19, 2015- This year, D.C. public and charter school students will take an assessment exam aligned with Common Core Standards for the first time. Gone is the District of Columbia Comprehensive Assessment System, or DC CAS, used since 2006 to measure how students were performing in math and reading and later in science and composition. Read more

Where D.C.’s Homeless Children Go to School
By Sarah Anne Hughes and Zach Rausnitz
Washington City Paper

Feb 20, 2015- As of Jan. 18, 1,458 children identified as homeless were enrolled in D.C. public schools. An additional 1,454 homeless children were enrolled at one of the District's charter schools as of Jan. 21, according to the Office of the State Superintendent. Read more

High-poverty schools need better teachers, but getting them there won't be easy
By Natalie Wexler
Greater Greater Washington

Feb 20, 2015- DC needs to increase the number of highly qualified teachers who work in high-poverty schools. But doing that could require a fundamental change in the way DC Public Schools evaluates and supports teachers. Read more

D.C. Underfunds Its Most At-Risk Students
By Kevin P. Chavous
Washington Informer

Feb 23, 2015- Legal arguments aside, the success of public charter schools has meant so much to the District of Columbia. Before the District’s public charter school reform got started, the prospects for children growing up in poverty was dire. Read more

I am outraged. You should be, too.
By Kenyan R. McDuffie
Washington Post

Feb 13, 2015- Joseph “Jo-Jo” Baltimore. Deon Gay. Melvin Turner Jr. The sight of blood-stained clothes while I held Myron Morgan Jr. as he took his last breath. Those are just some of the murders in the District neighborhood where I grew up. Read more

Why shy teachers like shy students
By Peter Tymms
Washington Post

Feb 26, 2015- The more similar the personalities of teachers and their pupils, the more likely the teachers are to grade them highly, according to new researchfrom Germany. Read more

Schools face new challenges as poverty grows in inner suburbs
By Emma Brown and T. Rees Shapiro
Washington Post

Feb 27, 2015- The District and dozens of other city centers across the country are becoming younger, more affluent and better educated while poverty rates in inner suburbs are rising, according to a study from the University of Virginia’s Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service. Read more

Separating fact from fiction in 21 claims about charter schools
By Valerie Strauss
Washington Post

Feb 28, 2015-The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools released a report last year titled “Separating Fact & Fiction: What You Need to Know About Charter Schools,” which takes 21 statements that it calls “myths” about charters and attempts to debunk them, one by one. Now three education researchers have completed a fact-checking analysis of the charter report, coming to some difference conclusions about each myth. Read more

Black Students at Top Colleges: Exceptions, Not the Rule
By Jonathan Rothwell
Washington Post

Feb 3, 2015- A generation has been lost in the journey towards race equality in terms of income. The income gap between blacks and whites has been stuck since 1980. Why? Dozens of factors count, of course, but one in particular is worth further exploration: the underrepresentation of black students in elite colleges. Read more

D.C. charter school executive salaries vary widely, Post analysis shows
By Emma Brown and Michael Alison Chandler
Washington Post

Feb 23, 2015- Two of the District’s charter school leaders earned about as much as or more than D.C. Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson in 2013, though she runs a city school system that, with 45,000 students, is much larger than either of their organizations. Read more

Charter school signs 10-year lease at Old Soldiers’ Home in D.C.
By Michael Alison Chandler
Washington Post

Feb 9, 2015- Creative Minds International Public Charter School has signed a 10-year lease on a historic building surrounded by green space at the Armed Forces Retirement Home. Read more

We don’t need more STEM majors. We need more STEM majors with liberal arts training.
By Loretta Jackson-Hayes
Washington Post

Feb 18, 2015- In business and at every level of government, we hear how important it is to graduate more students majoring in science, technology, engineering and math, as our nation’s competitiveness depends on it. The Obama administration has set a goal of increasing STEM graduates by one million by 2022, and the “desperate need” for more STEM students makes regular headlines. Read more

‘No Child Left Behind’ has failed
By Lily Eskelsen García and Otha Thornton
Washington Post

Feb 13, 2015- Public education for every child was an American idea, but it has always been a local and state responsibility. Even when Congress passed the Elementary and Secondary Education Act 50 years ago, the intended federal role was limited but clear: ensuring equal opportunity. Read more

Charter board could close school amid allegations that leader diverted money
By Michael Alison Chandler
Washington Post

Feb 11, 2015- They were called “Kent’s kids,” scores of inner-city teens in the 1980s who found structure and mentoring from Kent Amos, a corporate executive-turned-community activist who offered study sessions and family meals in his Northwest home. Read more

D.C. Charter School Board revokes charter for Height Community Academy
By Michael Alison Chandler
Washington Post

Feb 19, 2015-The D.C. Public Charter School Board voted unanimously Thursday morning to revoke the charter of Dorothy I. Height Community Academy Public Charter School, citing a pattern of fiscal mismanagement and a breach of fiduciary duties, a move that affects 1,600 D.C. students. Read more

‘Fierce advocate’ for D.C. charter schools to step down
By Michael Alison Chandler
Washington Post

Feb 19, 2015- Robert Cane, the executive director of an influential pro-charter school advocacy group in the District, has announced he is leaving his job after more than 16 years. Read more

Poll: Widespread misperceptions about the Common Core standards
By Scott Clement and Emma Brown
Washington Post

Feb 20, 2015- Many Americans are confused about the Common Core State Standards, according to a new poll that finds widespread misperceptions that the academic standards — which cover only math and reading — extend to topics such as sex education, evolution, global warming and the American Revolution. Read more

How the hardest-working principals avoid burning themselves out
By Jay Mathews
Washington Post

Feb 22, 2015- When Kristy Ochs became principal of the KIPP DC AIM Academy six years ago, she started at 7 a.m. and didn’t leave the Southeast Washington school until 8 p.m. Having taught at the public charter school since it began, she felt, as other staffers did, that her mostly low-income students’ impressive achievement levels — 30 percentage points above the city average in math and nearly 20 points above the average in reading — were worth the personal sacrifices. Read more

New deputy mayor tells DCPS teachers she hopes to work ‘side by side’
By Michael Alison Chandler
Washington Post

Feb 21, 2015- Jennifer Niles, the District’s new deputy mayor for education, told a group of D.C. Public School teachers Saturday that she is ready to stand “side by side” with them to improve opportunities for all students, during a conference organized by the Washington Teachers Union. Read more
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