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July 2017 Newsletter On the science and teaching of emotional intelligence: An interview with Marc Brackett
By Rafael Heller
Phi Delta Kappan

June 9, 2017- KAPPAN: What’s the mission of your organization, the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence?
BRACKETT: In the broadest sense, our goal is to use the power of emotional intelligence to create a healthier and more equitable, compassionate, and productive society. More specifically, we study the development, measurement, and real-world significance of emotional intelligence. We also do a lot of training and program development, taking the science of emotional intelligence and making it accessible to everybody from preschoolers to educators to CEOs. Read more

The NAACP model charter law isn’t much of a model
By Jessica Poiner
Thomas B. Fordham Institute

Aug 2, 2017- The NAACP caused quite a stir when it released a report calling for a moratorium on all charter schools for the next ten years. While the charter ban has drawn most of the headlines—and with good reason—the NAACP report also issued a number of recommendations to address what it claims are widespread problems and abuses of power in the charter school sector. These recommendations, which haven’t generated as much scrutiny, were incorporated into a model law for use by interested states. Read more

Rising Popularity of Dual-Language Education Could Leave Latinos Behind
By Tara García Mathewson
The Hechinger Report

July 31, 2017- Meri Kolbrener moved to a gentrified neighborhood in northwest Washington, D.C., so her children could get a guaranteed spot in the Oyster-Adams Bilingual School. The public school is not far from where Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner live, a neighborhood that used to be predominantly Latino but changed color years ago. Now, many wealthy white parents, who once kept their children out of the District of Columbia Public Schools, are flocking to programs like Oyster-Adams' because, as Principal Mayra Canizales put it, "dual language became sexy." Read more

Inside the NAACP’s New Strategy to Shut Down Charter Schools: A 50-State Legislative War
By Beth Hawkins
The 74

June 13, 2017- When an NAACP task force released a report Wednesday calling for new restrictions on charter schools, one of the panel’s members took up the mic to refute accusations that the process was biased. “As we travel the country, people would say the NAACP is so against charter schools, you don’t know anything about charter schools,” said NAACP national board member Da’Quan Love. “And then faces would turn when our chair, Ms. [Alice] Huffman, would say, ‘Oh, Da’Quan, who is on our task force, is a charter school administrator.” Read more

Can Early Lessons in Spatial Skills Build Future Scientists and Mathematicians?
By Brenda Iasevoli

Aug. 1, 2017- Strong spatial skills give kids an edge in science and math, and these skills can be taught. Scientists know this. Yet to a large degree, lessons in spatial learning haven't been incorporated into the curriculum. A pilot program supported by a $1.4 million federal grant and led by researchers from the Johns Hopkins Science of Learning Institute aims to change that. Read more

Potential Medicaid cuts alarm special ed advocates
By Education Dive

July 25, 2017- Dive Brief: Schools specializing in serving students with special needs are increasingly dismayed by the possibility that Medicaid funding could be cut in the event of a repeal of the Affordable Care Act, with teachers at St. Coletta Special Education Public Charter School in Washington, DC, for example, saying cuts could limit the services they offer students, The Washington Post reports. Read more
Raw Numbers: Charter Students Are Graduating From College at Three to Five Times the National Average
By Emmeline Zhao
The 74

July 30, 2017- As the very first classes of charter school graduates now begin earning bachelor’s degrees, new figures reveal that the country’s major charter networks are seeing students finish college at a rate that’s at least three to five times as high as the national average for low-income students in traditional district schools. Read more

Contra NAACP, charter schools are giving hope to African-Americans who had none
By Ramona Edelin
Washington Examiner

Aug 1, 2017- Last week, the NAACP issued a report titled, "Quality Education for All" which made news with its call for new restrictions on public charter schools. Charters educate 3 million students, or approximately 6 percent of all public school students, nationwide. Charters are tuition-free public schools open to all, independent of the traditional public school systems, and free to choose their own educational programs while being held accountable for improved student performance. Read more

EDELIN: Civil Rights — A Revolution Unfinished
By Ramona Edelin
Washington Informer
July 26, 2017- This month in 1964, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act, landmark legislation that placed discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender or national origin outside the law. The federal government prohibited unequal application of voter registration requirements and racial segregation in schools, employment and public accommodations. While enforcement powers were initially weak, these were strengthened in later years. Incredibly, there were 83 days of deliberations before the Senate roll-call: 27 against, 73 for. Read more

African-American Education Leaders Speak Out Against NAACP Actions
By David Hardy, Donald Hense
Center for Education Reform

July 31, 2017- The following statement was issued today by CER directors David Hardy, founder and Chair of Boys’ Latin Philadelphia Charter School and Donald Hense, founder and chairman of Washington D.C.’s Friendship Public Charter Schools, in response to the NAACP Task Force on Education Quality July 2017 Hearing Report.
The NAACP’s campaign against charter schools is detrimental and disrespectful to all parents who struggle to ensure a quality education for their children. Read more

Bowser backs public education use for Stevens School
By Mark Lieberman
Washington Post

July 26, 2017- The administration of Mayor Muriel Bowser currently favors a public education use for the future of the now-vacant Stevens School in the West End, according to Bowser’s Ward 2 liaison Richard Livingstone. The city is pursuing a new education provider to fill the vacant Stevens School space at 1050 21st St. NW. Earlier this year, D.C. Schools Chancellor Antwan Wilson decided to drop a special-needs program to be run by Ivymount from the project, which involves developer Akridge renovating the 1860s-era school in exchange for the rights to construct an adjacent 10-story office building. Read more

Please keep this guy away from rousing charter school debate
By Jay Mathews
Washington Post

July 23, 2017- Along with many Americans, I enjoy intense arguments about charter schools, the tax-supported institutions independent of school districts. I happily air my biases and skewer the squishy defenses of my foes. People like me have to watch out for Zachary W. Oberfield, an associate professor of political science at Haverford College. He spoils our fun. On the charter school issue he is scholarly, precise and balanced. Security? Get that guy out of here! Read more

NAACP: School choice not the answer to improving education for black students
By Emma Brown
Washington Post

July 26, 2017- Education for black students in the United States has long been unequal and inadequate, but the solution to that problem does not lie in the school choice movement, NAACP leaders said at the organization’s national conference Wednesday. Read more

D.C. looks to students for ways to address chronic absenteeism
By Joe Heim
Washington Post

July 25, 2017- On a warm summer day when they would have been forgiven for wanting to be just about anywhere else, a dozen or so D.C. public high school students gathered at the Anacostia Neighborhood Library to help teach grown-ups a thing or two about why kids skip school and what can be done about it. After all, the thinking went, grown-ups have had lots of ideas, and not many have worked. Let’s hear what the kids suggest. Read more
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