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November Newsletter 2014 Blowing Off Class? We Know
By Goldie Blumenstyk
New York Times

December 2, 2014- THE stuff some colleges know right now about their students, thanks to data-mining of their digital footprints, boggles the mind. It may even seem a bit creepy. Has their attendance slipped? Have they stopped logging in to read course packets or file assignments? Did they just drop the very class they needed for their major? Read more

Social Programs that Work
By Ron Haskins

December 1, 2014- As I argue in my new book, Show Me the Evidence (co-authored with Greg Margolis), the last six years have seen the most impressive expansion of evidence-based policy in the history of federal social programs. Read more

Collision Course: School Discipline and Education Reform
By Sarah Yatsko

November 20, 2014- The education reform debate can be like a spinning top. It changes course abruptly and without warning but it remains largely focused inward. The dizzying debate around education policy is on a collision course with another spinning top: the overuse and impact of harsh school discipline practices. Read more

On Top of the World: Public Charter School Students Prove They Can Compete Globally
By Frank Bruni
New York Times

November 13, 2014- A new report released today by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools reveals the results of four public charter schools that participated in an international exam to measure their academic success against both students in the U.S. and those in developed countries. Read more

Setting the Record Straight on Charter Schools and Achievement: A Reply to Francesca Lopez
By Robin Lake

November 3, 2014- At CRPE, we appreciate and encourage scholarly debate. However, a recent review by the National Education Policy Center of one of our reports went well beyond that to misrepresent the report and malign the analysis. Read more

Charter School Authorizers Grapple With Closures
By Arianna Prothero
Education Week

November 4, 2014- When the results of a yearlong investigation by the state of Indiana confirmed widespread cheating at an Indianapolis charter school, the mayor's office, which oversees a majority of charters in the city, took the drastic step of closing the school just weeks into the academic year. Read more

Last night's implications for education reform
By Michael J. Petrilli
The Thomas B. Fordham Institute

November 5, 2014- With a few exceptions, most of the races decided yesterday didn’t hinge on education reform. But the outcome will have big implications for education policy nonetheless. Read more

New Report Compares School Choice Experience Among Parents in Eight ‘High-Choice’ Cities

December 3, 2014- Seattle, WA – Parents are actively taking advantage of the opportunity to choose among district and charter public schools, but more needs to be done to improve options and help parents find the best schools for their children.  Read more

Here's a Plan to Turn Around U.S. Education -- and Generate $225 Trillion
By Randall Lane

December 15, 2014-Break down any political discussion of education policy and you’ll get the kind of rhetoric typical of a wealth manager. The need to invest in our kids. The untapped resource of our young minds. Children as our greatest asset. Read more

D.C. mayor-elect wants to ‘accelerate’ public school reform
By Moriah Costa

November 27, 2014- Mayor-elect Muriel Bowser wants to increase public school reform and focus on accountability and results, according to a 56-page transition plan. Read more

Language immersion programs growing in D.C., but only west of the river
By Michael Alison Chandler
New York Times

December 1, 2014- Jimell Sanders and Antawan Holmes started looking at schools before their daughter, now 15 months old, was born. They wanted to find a school that emphasized foreign languages. Read more

Low-income DC students get a helping hand to make it to college graduation
By Natalie Wexler
Greater Greater Washington

October 21, 2014- It's tough for low-income minority students to make it through college, especially if they're first-generation college-goers. But thanks to the efforts of one DC nonprofit and several charter schools, students from the District may have a better chance than most. Read more

Unaccompanied minors wait in limbo, dreading deportation
By Kara Andrade
Al Jazeera America

October 17, 2014- It’s hard to separate Denis from the loud throng of high school teenagers in line for their after-school Frappuccinos at a Starbucks in the upscale neighborhood of Tenleytown in Washington. Read more

Do some charters have too many white students?
By Jay Mathews
Washington Post

November 23, 2014- Erich Martel, a great Advanced Placement history teacher at Wilson High School, was involuntarily transferred to another school and then forced to retire because, I think, he refused to stop investigating alleged D.C. school mismanagement, including his revelation that high schools were graduating students who didn’t meet all of the requirements. Read more

D.C. as Unlikely Ed Role Model
By Richard Whitmire and Andrew J. Rotherham
Huffington Post

November 24, 2014- A decade ago, the debate about Washington D.C.'s public schools turned on school vouchers. How many students in the city's beleaguered schools should get a lifeline out and how many national Democrats would break ranks and support vouchers?  Read more


DC Association of Chartered Public Schools Statement on the Passing of Councilmember and Former Mayor Marion S. Barry
By Dr. Ramona H. Edelin

November 23, 2014- The DC Association of Chartered Public Schools mourns the death of Councilmember and former Mayor Marion S. Barry, and extends condolences to his Family, Friends, Supporters and all whose lives he touched. Mr. Barry was an adamant supporter of DC’s charter schools and their Association. Read more

D.C. public charter schools enable all students to succeed
By Michael Alison Chandler
Washington Post

December 3, 2014- Jay Mathews, a seasoned columnist, made a misstep in his Nov. 24 Education column on the District’s public charter schools [“Questioning the racial balance at some high-scoring D.C. charters”]. While a few D.C. public charter schools, which educate 44 percent of District public school students, do enroll a higher share of white students, this also is true of many schools run by D.C. Public Schools.Read more

Northeast Washington Charter School Staff, Parents Brace for Fight
By Avis Thomas-Lester
Washington Informer

December 3, 2014 -The principal, staff, parents and students of Potomac Preparatory Charter School in Northeast have a message for the D.C. Public Charter School Board: Please do not close this school. Read more

Youth Display Knowledge of Robotics
By D. Kevin McNeir
Washington Informer

December 3, 2014- Twenty-first century classrooms bear little resemblance to the ones that challenged Baby Boomers almost 40 years ago. Fundamental skills like reading, writing and arithmetic must be mastered at an earlier age in order to make room for science, technology and engineering – opening the door to all kinds of new and often lucrative careers. Read more

Helping children from low-income families succeed in class
By Jenny Reed and Soumya Bhat
Washington Post

October 31, 2014- Poverty makes it harder for children to succeed in school. And every day, tens of thousands of D.C. schoolchildren walk into a classroom with a heavy weight on their shoulders. That’s because children in poverty are more likely to be hungry or malnourished, exposed to trauma, stress or violence, affected by family or neighborhood turmoil or faced with severe health problems. Read more

DC students flock to afterschool programs, but many low-income students are still left out
By Natalie Wexler
Greater Greater Washington

October 31, 2014- A new nationwide survey of parents shows the District has the highest afterschool participation rate in the United States. On the other hand, DC is 49th in the percentage of low-income children enrolled. Read more

For D.C. Schools, Race And Class Still Define The System
By Kavitha Cardoza
WAMU 88.5

October 31, 2014- One of the issues that consistently shapes politics in D.C. is education, and how to improve public schools that were long among the worst in the nation. And as the debate continues, the reality is that many D.C. schools have long been separated along race and class lines. So the key question we’re posing today is: How did they get that way, and what does that mean for the future? Read more

Extra funding boosts programs at D.C. schools serving at-risk students
By Michael Alison Chandler
Washington Post

December 2, 2014- D.C. public middle schools gained additional teachers this year, and dozens of schools got new computers and technology coaches. At Truesdell Education Campus in Ward 4, students are coming to school early or staying late for extracurricular activities that did not fit into the school day. Read more

Future of D.C. Council Education Committee is unclear with Catania’s departure
By Michael Alison Chandler
Washington Post

December 2, 2014-As Mayor-elect Muriel Bowser (D) prepares to take office next month, there are many questions about what changes the transition will bring to the city’s efforts to reform public schools. Read more

D.C. Council approves Stevens School deal
By Michael Neibauer
Washington Business Journal

Dec 2, 2014- D.C. Council on Tuesday approved emergency legislation authorizing the renovation of the historic Stevens Elementary School on the West End and the redevelopment of a neighboring lot as a commercial office building. Read more

Maps: Where The Students Who Attend The City's Charter Schools Live
By Sarah Anne Hughes

December 2, 2014- A recent column written by Jay Matthews and published by the Washington Post put forth a question with heavy implications from a retired D.C. public school teacher: Are charter lotteries really random? Read more

National Collegiate Prep Boasts Perfect Graduation Rate
By Natascha Saunders

November 19, 2014- National Collegiate Preparatory Public Charter School (National Prep) hosted their Invention Convention in conjunction with the Metro Warriors STEM Organization (MWSO) and IT Computer Wiz Kids in Southeast D.C. on Nov. 12. Read more

Public charters respond to column about school diversity
By Jay Mathews
Washington Post

November 24, 2014-As I wrote in my most recent column, I am gathering information from D.C. school admission officials and the city’s public charter school leaders best able to respond to Erich Martel’s concerns about the number of white students in some schools. Read more

D.C. schools to expand STEM courses with $2 million Lockheed Martin grant
By Michael Alison Chandler
Washington Post

November 8, 2014- The D.C. public school system is poised to dramatically expand its science, technology, engineering and math offerings, thanks to a multimillion-dollar grant from Lockheed Martin. Read more

Hispanic students are making steady math progress
By Lyndsey Layton

November 10, 2014- Hispanic students have made significant gains on federal math tests during the past decade, and Hispanic public school students in major cities including Boston, Charlotte, Houston and the District have made some of the most consistent progress, according to a report released Monday. Read more

Two new studies show charter schools can work — if you give them time
By Max Ehrenfreund
Washington Post

November 7, 2014-The argument for charter schools has always been based on the theory that competition is good. When teachers and principals have a chance to try new ideas, the most successful approaches will attract more students. The problem is that those ideas have been slow in coming. Read more

For many, Bowser as mayor means stability for the schools
By Michael Alison Chandler
Washington Post

November 5, 2014-Many District residents viewed Mayor Adrian M. Fenty’s defeat four years ago as a referendum on his schools chancellor, Michelle A. Rhee, and her disruptive style. Read more

A warning to U.S. about ‘educational authoritarianism’ — from a Chinese scholar
By Michael Alison Chandler
Washington Post

November 5, 2014- The D.C. State Board of Education has three new members that will start in January. In Ward 3, Ruth Wattenberg will take the seat vacated by Laura Slover. Wattenberg, an education policy consultant, won with just over 7,100 votes. Read more

Study Gauges 'Risk Load' for High-Poverty Schools
By Sarah D. Sparks
Education Week

November 6, 2014- Poverty is not just a lack of money. It’s a shorthand for a host of other problems—scanty dinners and crumbling housing projects, chronic illnesses, and depressed or angry parents—that can interfere with a child’s ability to learn. Read more

Residents feel mayoral control has muffled the public's voice in education
By Natalie Wexler
Greater Greater Washington

November 7, 2014- Mayoral control of DC's schools may have speeded reform, but many residents feel they have less input into education decisions than they used to, according to a new report.  Read more

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