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December Newsletter 2014 Character and leadership help D.C. charter school jump to highest ranking
By Moriah Costa

Dec 5, 2014- At Center City public charter school Congress Heights, a group of about 25 first graders sit crossed-legged in front of Linda Kim as she reads to them about Ancient Egypt. Read more

Bill Clinton’s stunning statement on charter schools: Why it’s more striking than it looks
By Luke Brinker

Sept 25, 2014- Bill Clinton weighed in on the debate over charter schools this week, warning that the publicly funded yet autonomous schools must keep their “original bargain” if they want support as alternatives to traditional public schools. Read more

In DC's confusing thicket of school choice, there's a guide for those who need help the most
By Natalie Wexler
Greater Greater Washington

Dec, 2014- Some argue that school choice will ultimately result in a better education system, as families gravitate to schools that perform well. The best schools will flourish, according to this view, and competition will force the lower-performing schools to improve. Read more

The Least Celebrated, but Most Successful, Colleges for Graduating Low-Income Black Students
By Ivory A. Toldson, Ph.D.
The Root

Dec 15, 2014- Analyses that evaluate the success of HBCUs by observing their six-year graduation rates often miss the mark. On the surface, graduation rates tell us little about a college’s or university’s ability to educate a racially and economically diverse student body. Read more

Six Ways To Motivate Students To Learn
By Annie Murphy Paul

Sept 2, 2013- Scientific research has provided us with a number of ways to get the learning juices flowing, none of which involve paying money for good grades. And most smart teachers know this, even without scientific proof Read more

Friendship’s Eddie Goldman Makes the SI All-America First Team!
By SI.com Staff

Dec 16, 2014- With Heisman Trophy and other awards doled out, it’s time to give a few more honors. SI.com released its midseason All-American team. Read more

How Cities Can Help Parents Navigate Public School Choice
By Robin Lake

Dec 4, 2014- At CRPE we’ve always believed it’s not preordained that all kids will benefit equally from more choices among public schools. Like any public policy, the results are likely to depend upon an array of complex factors: how savvy and well informed parents are about choosing a school, the availability of talented, mission-driven school developers, access to public transportation, how the choice laws are designed, the willingness of district and charter oversight agencies to step in when the market fails, etc Read more

Are Charter Schools Cherry-Picking Students?
By James Estrin
New York Times

Dec 10, 2014- Many charter schools have embraced strict disciplinary measures that lead to much higher rates of suspensions and expulsions than traditional public schools. Read more

Education advocates help draft new D.C. mayor’s to-do list
By Michael Alison Chandler
Washington Post

Dec 10, 2014- Scores of education advocates crowded into a conference room at Judiciary Square on Wednesday to help Mayor-elect Muriel E. Bowser shape her to-do list for improving public education in the District. Read more

Colleges Vary on Credit for AP, IB, Dual Classes
By Caralee J. Adams
Education Week

Dec 9, 2014- At Minnetonka High School, students take advanced courses to bolster their chances of getting into a selective college or because they hope to get credit for a college class. Others sign up because of a must-have teacher or to be with high-achieving students. Read more

Blended Learning Is About More Than Technology
By Michael B. Horn & Heather Staker
Education Week

Dec 9, 2014- Battles between different philosophical camps in education are nothing new. Whether it's knowledge vs. skills, memorization vs. project-based learning, small schools vs. comprehensive ones, the debates in education are often framed as a choice between "either-ors." Read more

Kindergartners Benefit From Early-Years Program, Study Finds
By Sarah D. Sparks
Education Week

Dec 2, 2014- A year makes a big difference in the life and learning of a child, and a new study suggests the early-childhood curriculum Tools of the Mind may be significantly more effective for children in kindergarten than preschool. Read more

Introduce Word Problems to Students Sooner, Studies Say
By Sarah D. Sparks
Education Week

Nov 19, 2014- If Ms. Smith’s 8th grade algebra class works through 10 word problems in an hour, and Ms. Jones’ class works through 10 equation problems during the same time, which class is likely to learn more math concepts by the end of class? Read more
Jennifer Niles appointed D.C.’s next deputy mayor for education
By Michael Alison Chandler
Washington Post

Dec 15, 2014- Jennifer C. Niles, the founder and head of a prominent charter school in the District, was named the next deputy mayor for education on Monday. Read more

DC mayor-elect appoints 3 to administration
By Associated Press
Washington Times

Dec 15, 2014- District of Columbia mayor-elect Muriel Bowser has named two of her deputy mayors and a deputy city administrator. Read more

Michelle Obama joins D.C. students for their march to mail college applications
By Michael Alison Chandler
Washington Post

Dec 5, 2014- The seniors at Capital City Public Charter School experienced the usual wave of relief and anticipation after mailing off college applications Friday, as well as an added surprise: a hug from Michelle Obama. Read more

D.C. Charter board moves to revoke charter for Community Academy
By Michael Alison Chandler
Washington Post

Dec 16, 2014- The D.C. Public Charter School Board voted unanimously Monday night to initiate the process to revoke the charter for Dorothy I. Height Community Academy Public Charter School for fiscal mismanagement, after the founder was charged with diverting millions of dollars to a private management company for his own financial benefit. Read more

D.C. students remember Marion Barry
By Michael Alison Chandler
Washington Post

Dec 4, 2014- Eleven days after Marion Barry died, the life and legacy of the four-term mayor were the subject of a history lesson at Anacostia High School. Students watched a news clip about him Thursday, answered questions and reflected on why he “was respected and loved by Washingtonians . . . especially those in Ward 8.” Read more

Holder, Duncan outline educational rights for juvenile offenders
By Moriah Balingit
Washington Post

Dec 8, 2014- U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan and U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. released a set of guidelines Monday aimed at improving education for young people in the nation’s juvenile detention centers, as studies have shown that schooling can be inadequate or inferior to what students would receive in a standard classroom. Read more

How mentors helped one former a girl gang leader become a Benedict College graduate
By Clarence Williams
Washington Post

Dec 14, 2014- When the Benedict College president officially conferred the title of graduate on Monica Watts and her classmates Saturday morning, the Southeast Washington native pumped her right fist above her head in triumph. Read more

D.C. explores widening the road to earning a high school diploma
By Michael Alison Chandler
Washington Post

Dec 14, 2014- As D.C. Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson embarks on a plan to “rethink high schools” and improve graduation rates in 2015, she is pushing for new regulations that would move District schools away from a century-old measure of academic progress: seat time. Read more

The college trap that keeps people poor
By Jim Tankersley
Washington Post

Dec 15, 2014- Chelsey Stone had already escaped so many of the traps that keep poor children in poverty for life. She recalls begging neighbors for dinner when her mother sold their food stamps for drug money. Read more

Grosso wants to focus on mental health issues in schools as new education chair
By Michael Alison Chandler
Washington Post

Dec 22, 2014- D.C. Council member David Grosso (I- At large) has been appointed chairman of a stand-alone education committee starting in 2015. In an interview, he said he would continue to focus on student discipline, early childhood education, and attendance issues, and that he wants to bring a new focus to improving mental health services for students. Read more

New timelapse shows six months of views from space in six minutes
By Rachel Feltman
Washington Post

Dec 22, 2014- During his six-month "Blue Dot" mission on the International Space Station, German astronaut Alexander Gerst would often leave his camera running while he worked and did experiments. He shared many of the resulting images during his journey, which turned him into something of a social media celebrity -- Twitter's introduction to the awe-inspiring views of space travel. Read more

A formula for success in the classroom
By Stephanie C. Hill, Kim Cherry and Rex Bolinger
Washington Post

Dec 19, 2014- If you could pull young people away from their smartphones, tablets, video games or other devices long enough to start a conversation, you would learn quickly how important technology is in their lives. But you would also find out that, while technology is part of their everyday lives, the opportunity to pursue technology-related subjects in school is not. Read more

Vote on more flexible D.C. high school graduation requirements delayed for input
By Michael Alison Chandler
Washington Post

Dec 18, 2014- The D.C. State Board of Education on Wednesday night voted unanimously to table a vote on proposed revisions to graduation requirements that would create more flexible routes to a high school diploma, citing the need to give the community more time to respond. Read more

Four charter schools selected to lease former D.C. Public School buildings
By Michael Alison Chandler
Washington Post

Dec 18, 2014- Four charter school operators have been selected to lease space in two surplus D.C. public school buildings, according to an announcement this week by Mayor Vincent C. Gray and Deputy Mayor for Education Abigail Smith. Read more

Turning around schools with low achievement rates never seems to work
By Jay Mathews
Washington Post

Dec 17, 2014- One of the goals U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan set when he launched the $3.5 billion School Improvement Grant (SIG) program in 2009 was to turn 1,000 schools around annually for five years. “We could really move the needle, lift the bottom and change the lives of tens of millions of underserved children,” he said. Read more

How A D.C. Charter School Once Slated For Closure Changed Its Fate
By Kavitha Cardoza

Dec 9, 2014- Justin Rydstrom heads IDEA Public Charter School in Northeast D.C. He says interim exams are today, so students will be taking math tests and SAT practice tests. Rydstrom walks the hallways, a pencil behind an ear, chatting with students. Read more

D.C. Public School district less diverse than D.C. charters
By Moriah Costa

Dec 16, 2014- While some D.C. charter schools enroll a disproportionately high number of white students, several of the city’s traditional public schools have even greater disparity. Read more
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