Your Life Counts - eNewsletter 09-2011
Your Life Counts! November eNewsletter

“I think we can’t go around measuring our goodness by what we don’t do – by what we deny ourselves, what we resist and who we exclude. I think we’ve got to measure goodness by what we embrace, what we create and who we include.”

– Père Henri (Chocolat)


Welcome to the latest update from Your Life Counts – life affirming news, views and involvements across the country and around the world. In this issue:

• Bullying Awareness Week November 14-20, 2011
• Cindy Gale & YLC Bully-180 Program Speaking in Niagara High School
• YLC Comments on Youth Suicides in B.C.
• Jim Thomson, former NHL star, making a difference at YLC
• Amy's Story
• Canada Am Town Hall Event Speaking Up on Suicide

Bullying Awareness Week November 14-20, 2011

PREV|NetIt’s Canada’s 9th Bullying Awareness Week – a week dedicated to highlighting the problems associated with bullying and encouraging everyone to stand up and take action to help those involved in bullying. Read the latest enews from our national Partner PREVNet.

Read about ‘Creating A World Without Bullying’an excellent new publicationfrom PREVNet. YLC was honoured to be the recipient of the 2010 PREVNet National Award.

Cindy Gale & YLC Bully-180 Program Speaking in Niagara High School

Cindy GaleOn 21st and 22nd November Cindy Gale will be speaking to parents, students and staff at Lakeshore Catholic High School in Port Colborne, southern Ontario. Cindy’s anti bullying message is being shared shortly after the 11th anniversary of the death of Cindy’s precious daughter Dawn-Marie to suicide on 10th November 2000 as a result of being bullied.   To find out more about Cindy and the Bully-180 Program click here. Watch Cindy’s latest tv interview on “Context With Lorna Dueck” where you can also see Lorna’s interview with YLC Founder Rory Butler.

YLC Comments on Youth Suicides In B.C.

In the last 18 months there have been 5 youth suicides in the Comox Valley area of Vancouver Island. Our hearts go out to the family and friends of these youth. Read more...

Jim Thomson, former NHL star, making a difference at YLC

We’re grateful to Jim Thomson for all his help as a new Ambassador for YLC. More news in the next e-newsletter. Find out more about Jim and his schools programs at

Jim Thomson"My presentations are designed to appeal to students aged 10 to 18 with a variety of interests. I promote the qualities of character, education, hard work and perseverance, courage and belief in oneself, respect and friendship. It's a great fit with YLC. I'm very happy to be helping YLC in their mission with youth." - Jim Thomson.

By the Numbers

• 10 people die by suicide each day in Canada
• Since 2000 YLC has saved over 360 lives from suicide
• 84% of Canadians believe the government should invest in suicide prevention

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Canada AM Town Hall Event Speaking Out On Suicide

Lynn and Daniel KeeneYLC Ambassadors Jim Thomson, Marc Kajouji and Lynn Keane all participated in this important event to pull this serious issue into the spotlight for discussion. view the full four part Speak Out On Suicide series online with dozens of viewer comments at; YLC Founder Rory Butler was also involved helping to facilitate the live webchat response to callers from across the nation. Rory was also interviewed live by Canada AM morning host Seamus O’Regan.

Amy's Story

This is a must read from a young lady who wants YOU to know her story so that others may have opportunity to recover their will to live.

AmyHi my name is Amy, I am 17 years old. In the eyes of others I seem like a happy girl, but underneath it all I’ve been mildly depressed.  When I was in 6th grade I grew more and more depressed, I started to run away from home, I wouldn’t eat; I use to back talk every one. The years passed by and my depression got worse I hated everyone and the person I hated the most was me!

I remember looking in the mirror and yelling at myself, telling myself how ugly, fat, stupid I am. My self esteem was at an all time low. Being at home made me feel terrible, I was in an abusive home; anytime I did something wrong I knew it was coming. To this day if I do something wrong I relapse into the past and curl up and protect myself.

During this point in time my grades showed that I was having problems which caused more problems at home. The beginning of my 8th grade year I was to my breaking point, the fall of 2008 I began to cut my wrist. At first I cut with a knife, but my depression got worse and I switched to razor blades. It started off with just a couple of cuts and I would be calm, then it began to become around 20 cuts. I have over 130 cuts on my arms; a year ago I did them on my leg.

My family could no longer help me, I was done with life. I would get home from school and sit in my room and think of the ways I could kill myself. I tried to drug myself; I also have tried to hang myself and even suffocation. My childhood was the worst I never like talking about it. Every day I try and forget about what really happened to me but these scars are on me and I can never get rid of them!!!  No one could save me and I thought that I wouldn’t live past 17, but I am 17 now and I have to tell you I have been making the worst mistakes of my life. I know it’s hard to stop those feelings,  I still have them! In fact 2 weeks ago I acted upon those feelings; thankfully my dad saved me from myself once again.

I now know you are not alone in anything you do. People go through this all the time, but each of us deserve better than this! You can fight through this. I sat back and I thought why would I take my life away? My life is so precious, I only get one! People do love you! People love me. My family and friends love me and they are why I need to live. I now know this to be true. I want to say ‘thank you’ to YLC for being there for me and for letting me share my story!

I want everyone to remember you are special and you can overcome suicidal feelings!!  I just want my story to be heard because I know you can rise up even if you’re at rock bottom! As YLC says everyone needs to know you’re not alone and help is available. I encourage you to contact YLC if you ever need help and need someone to listen to you. YLC saves lives!  

[Please note that the contributor of this story has given her permission for her story to be reproduced in this enewsletter with the proviso that her name be changed to protect her privacy and her relationship with her family.]

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