Warning: Read at Your Own Risk!
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Personal Liberty Alert
Warning: Read at Your Own Risk!
In 1977, a book was published that was so controversial, 
before the ink was even dry, the U.S. Secret Service 
wanted to talk to the author...

   ...And it wasn't long before the author was arrested and jailed—and his brilliant exposé was shoved right where the government wanted it—in the anonymous dust bin of history. It lay there, out-of-print, for decades until one of our editors stumbled upon a copy with tattered, dog-eared pages.

   Then he began to read. Within minutes, it became clear why this lost book had been suppressed. It was bursting with untold secrets SO powerful they were like kerosene—ready to ignite at the slightest touch of heat. 

   Page after page was filled with information that exposed the greatest government scandal in modern history... a money-robbing scheme that still exercises unfettered power even today!

   Dear Friend,

   As a reader of Personal Liberty Digest™, I knew you would want to know what one man could have possibly put down in writing that made our government fear him so. 

   "Oh no, that can't be true," you'll say to yourself as you begin reading. But it IS true. Every last word. And once YOU know the secrets on this book's pages, it is a LIBERATING experience like nothing you will ever know. The book is The Emperor's Clothes Cost Twenty Dollars, and it was written by a West Point graduate and Air Force officer named Lloyd Darland in 1977. 

   This book belongs in the hands of every American citizen as was Lloyd Darland's intention—before the government tried to erase it from existence. 

   For the next 24 hours ONLY... and for loyal readers of Personal Liberty Digest™ ONLY... The Emperor's Clothes Cost Twenty Dollars—and other gifts—are yours absolutely FREE for the asking. 

The Rosetta Stone of American Politics...
   Just as the Rosetta Stone helped us finally translate the mysterious hieroglyphs from ancient Egypt, Lloyd Darland's remarkable text translates government double-talk into ordinary English. All of a sudden, our economic crisis and today's political propaganda will make PERFECT sense. 

   You'll recognize the lies being told. And you'll be able to prepare yourself and your family for any crisis to come. 

   I'm delighted to say that—in an exercise of our Constitutional right to free speech—we have acquired the EXCLUSIVE rights to republish this masterpiece and bring it to Americans once again—thanks to Mr. Darland.

   Mr. Darland was a union member, a construction worker and even a project officer (with TOP SECRET clearance) working with nuclear weapons. He later rose to become a cost- and economic-analysis expert for the military. When he retired, he taught Sunday school at a Methodist church, taught economics at a college, started his own business and devoted his life to community service.

   In short, he was a man of honor who loved and served his country—and defended the Constitution of the United States. 

   It was almost inconceivable that a man like this would someday be arrested—and ultimately jailed for defending freedom. But it happened. And you need to know WHY... 

A secret meeting on an island off the coast of 
Georgia that changed the world!
   I've written extensively in The Bob Livingston Letter™ about the birth of—what I prefer to call—the "unConstitutional" Federal Reserve, thanks to what I learned from Mr. Darland. 

   How on a dreary November night in 1910, a secret society of government elites and five of the wealthiest individuals (who controlled one-fourth of the world's wealth) met on Jekyll Island, and held one of the strangest meetings in all of history. 

    It was the creation of what we know today as the Federal Reserve Bank—a private entity created specifically to manipulate the financial lives of BILLIONS of people worldwide. 

   It wasn't legal, but they did it. It wasn't ethical, but that wasn't even worth mentioning. Yet it surrendered control over every penny you ever made (or will make) in your lifetime to an inner circle of money-grubbing elites. 

Lloyd Darland knew it just didn't add up.
   Mr. Darland reminds me a lot of the folks who follow Personal Liberty Digest™. God-fearing Americans—like us—who want the truth and are not going to be stopped by anyone in their quest for it. You and I know that the "truths" are not just lying around in the open, waiting for us to stumble upon them. 

   That's exactly why I've been publishing The Bob Livingston Letter™ for more than 42 years now. Subscribers to my newsletter get the news and information you won't hear about in the mainstream media and more insight than I, my staff and my network of experts can provide in a few articles a week on Personal Liberty Digest™, such as...

  • TheTruth behind today's key investment and financial headlines...
  • The Real story behind today's most important health and healing headlines...
  • New natural cures and remedies that really work...
  • Specific investment recommendations for preserving and increasing your wealth...
  • Overlooked tips for stretching your dollars in today's tough economy...
  • Insights for protecting your personal freedoms and liberties...
  • Breakthroughs for becoming truly independent in health and wealth...
  • And more just like this...
Do you understand how the Federal Reserve works? 
Do you really?
   Most people don't really understand how the Fed works—even though it's as intimately connected to your life as the weather itself. And that was Lloyd Darland's "crime." Mr. Darland created the easiest and most eye-opening explanation of the Fed's sinister inner workings ever published. 

   Darland was an exceptional teacher. His own students told him so. In fact, it was when one of his students asked, "Does anybody else know this stuff?" that Darland realized the importance of helping others truly understand, in terms and examples that made sense, how their financial liberties were being SYSTEMATICALLY SHUT DOWN... and destroyed!

   His masterful use of simple examples and metaphors lift the veil of secrecy that shrouds the Fed once and for all. The Emperor's Clothes Cost Twenty Dollars demonstrates how the Federal Reserve steals your money through inflation and describes the fraud and illegalities of a Federal Tax system that has been used to cheat Americans for years!

   That's why, within 100 HOURS of the book being published, the Secret Service paid a visit to Mr. Darland's home. Why? Because he explained...
  1. Why the Fed is completely unConstitutional.
  2. How you can legally work around the Fed and render it impotent to control your money—and your life.
  3. How inflation REALLY works and how the Federal Reserve uses it to steal your money.
   If any of this sounds familiar—and it should—it's because the circumstances Darland wrote about more than 30 years ago are being played out today, exactly as he described.

We Made Money On Your Recommendations.

"You have helped us save our assets and we have made significant gains on your recommendations."
—W.M., Dallas, TX

"I made more money with your recommendations than I've made in my whole life."
—Angelo Ventrilla Jr., Ft Pierce, FL

Doctor Said He Would Live To 120 Years Old!

"Being a health-minded person, I am always looking for natural ways to improve my health. As of this past January, I had my 90th birthday. My doctor told me I would easily live to be 100. At my last checkup, he changed it to 120. Whatever I read in The Bob Livingston Letter™ as to what it says to do... I do it!"
—Seymour Holleck, Apple Valley, CA

Severe Arthritis Cured in One Month... Thank You from the Bottom of My Heart!

"I used to suffer from psoriatric arthritis in my hands and knuckle joints. Then I read your article....
In just 15 days... the symptoms began to recede. Within a month I was as good as new. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
—Mike Audet Sr., Underhill, VT
Darland's personal message—to YOU!

   Unfortunately, Mr. Darland didn't live to see his life's work made available once again to the masses of Americans hungry for the return of their stolen liberties. He passed away just before we went to print with The Emperor's Clothes Cost Twenty Dollars. But he knew we'd make sure his book would never be hidden away again!

   Just read this especially personal excerpt from The Emperor's Clothes Cost Twenty Dollars and there will be no doubt in your mind about the urgency or sincerity of what Mr. Darland wanted you to know...

   "Our national money system is sick with this cancer that is gobbling up our dollars and everything measured by them. This cancer has been growing for more than 30 years. It affects and threatens everyone, particularly those who have retired, those who expect to retire, or those who are saving for the future. This cancer is called 'inflation,' and it's time to do something about it. For years I thought the disease was accidental, but now I find it had been planned.

   "Please read this text with an open mind so that you can see through the fog that has been puffed up to confuse us. Some skeptics may try to deceive you by twisting my statements and quoting them out of context, but I honestly try to answer the questions I think you might have. I address this to all concerned citizens who are interested in our Country's survival, and their own."

   Like Lloyd Darland, I believe it's every American's Constitutional right to know the magnitude of the mega-fraud the government has foisted upon us. 

And I can't say this enough... 
   To claim your FREE copy of The Emperor's Clothes Cost Twenty Dollars—a $39.95 value—all you to need to do is subscribe to The Bob Livingston Letter™— in the next 24 hours!

   Because you are a reader of Personal Liberty Digest™, you'll not only get Darland's book for FREE when you subscribe today — but you'll get TWO years of The Bob Livingston Letter™ for the price of ONE! That means you get a total of 24 issues and you pay only $49! That's a $50 savings off the regular price of our two-year subscription!

   Plus, I'll throw in two additional reports valued at $19.95 each—ABSOLUTELY FREE—starting with...

   FREE Report #1:

   A Directory of Dealers Specializing in Gold Bullion and Gold Coins

   For some time now, I've been warning readers of The Bob Livingston Letter™ that our fiat currency system is on the verge of collapse. But gold is holding strong! This report provides information on gold dealers across the country and advice from the Federal Trade Commission and professional organizations to help you make a fair purchase. When paper money is worthless, you'll need gold!

   FREE Report #2:

   A Directory of Medical Doctors Who Practice Natural Medicine in Your Area

   Stop letting the medical establishment, Big Pharma, and insurance companies take advantage of you. My readers know I am a huge proponent of natural medicine and have my own true-life survival stories to share—like how I've outlived the very doctors who basically gave me a death sentence decades ago. This special directory lists doctors across the country who specialize in natural complementary medicine and believe in helping you achieve REAL health. Find one in your area!

   That's a total value of $178.85 for only $49—and that also comes with my...

Lifetime, Money-back Guarantee of Satisfaction. 
You must be thrilled with the information you receive, or 
you'll get all your money back. 
There's absolutely no risk and nothing to return.
   If you find you are not getting information that will truly open your eyes to the government deceit you experience every day... If you feel you are not receiving tips that can help you and your family prosper and experience good health and wealth in the days ahead... If for ANY reason you are unsatisfied with The Bob Livingston Letter™—at any time—you can cancel and receive a full refund.

   But I'll want you to keep the two FREE reports — and especially Darland's book—because that's what he would have wanted.

   Sadly, Americans have sat idly by for too long while the people we elect to office do nothing more than chip away at our liberties. Enough is enough! We must understand the deceit behind our government before we can demand real change. Subscribe today to receive The Emperor's Clothes Cost Twenty Dollars, and your eyes will be open wider than ever before!

   My Best Ever Loyal Reader Offer: Buy One Year of The Bob Livingston Letter™ and Get One FREE plus Claim The Emperor's Clothes Cost Twenty Dollars and 2 special reports.

   Bob Livingston
   Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter™

   P.S. Remember... you'll receive TWO years of my newsletter (that's 24 issues for the price of 12—you SAVE $50!), your FREE copy of The Emperor's Clothes Cost Twenty Dollars, and two free reports—all for only $49! Let us hear from you today. Remember: This is a limited time offer just for you!


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