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colo crash by Andreas von Gehr

Winners for the GZ-ArtBasel Art Fair are in! 

Carolus Stoop, Curator from GaleriaZero in Basel, Switzerland has selected the Gold and Silver Winners.

GaleriaZero is very impressed with the quality of artists who entered this ShowArtists international art contest. The Curator has selected an unprecedented number of Silver Award winners based on the incredible excellence of art entered in this art competition.
Congratulations to all the winners!
This is an amazing international artist exhibition opportunity.

GOLD Award Winner:    Andreas von Gehr,  Chile
SILVER Award Winners:   
Amy   Banker    USA, New York
Divna   Pesic    Macedonia
Detlef   Gotzens    Canada

Ann Shogren    USA
Nadia   NADEGE    Canada
Vicky   Blackburn    UK, Scotland
Josh   Wisdumb    USA, Massachusetts

Jay   Senetchko    Canada
Dan   McCormack    USA, New York
Susan   Lapp    Canada
Carla Colello    Argentina
Esther   Pérez Hernando    Spain
Olga   Barmazi    Greece
Maria Luisa   Persson    Sweden
Jeannie   Choe    USA, New Jersey
Teresa   Reeves    USA, Georgia
Alberto   Magrin    Italy
Ken  Beckles    USA, New York
Jeff   Perks    UK, Derbyshire
Franc   Vozelj    Slovenia
Anne   Binder    USA, Indianna
Ramaz   Razmadze    Georgia
Shizuko   Greenblatt    USA, California
Esther   Geifman    Mexico
Cony   Welcker    Germany
Dina   Brozzi    Antigua & Barbuda

Neena   Singh    India
Alex   Khatuntsev    Switzerland
Lothar   Böttcher    South Africa
Ulla   Gmeiner    Germany
Matej   Zorec    Slovenia
Michel   Pedneau    Canada
Marina  Louw  South Africa
Witha   Lacuesta    USA, Florida
Gesine   Blanke    Germany
Jiali   Yu    USA
Lizet   Benrey    USA, California
Mike Taylor    United Kingdom, Buckinghamshire
Dorothy   Taylor    United Kingdom, Buckinghamshire

Prakash Bal   Josh    India
Tara   Selver    USA, Washington
Sarah   Nind    Canada
Samuel   Bowen     USA, Indianna

We wish a hearty congratulations to all these amazing artists who are being invited to exhibit their art live in Basel, Switzerland this June at the GZ-ArtBasel Art Fair!
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